healthcare, senior citizen

Ageism in healthcare: UN seeks to guarantee equal access for senior citizens

Several challenges remain in ensuring equitable access to healthcare for senior citizens, including a shortage of geriatric specialists. #healthcare #seniorcitizen #policy Read more »
ICD-11, Ayurveda

ICD-11 Inclusion of Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani reclaims global health narrative

No longer just alternative, Ayurveda, Siddha & Unani join ICD-11 on the world stage, paving the way for more inclusive healthcare. Read more »
The National Pharmacy Commission Bill 2023

Pharmacy Commission Bill seeks to empower pharmacists in primary healthcare

The National Pharmacy Commission Bill 2023 envisions a transformed primary #healthcare system where #pharmacists play a pivotal role, writes Joe Thomas. #primaryhealthcare Read more »
Kerala's NCD burden

Kerala’s NCD burden calls for social determinants of health approach

Kerala's famed #publichealth system is crumbling under the weight of non-communicable diseases, highlighting the need for a comprehensive approach to addressing the #NCD epidemic. #keralamodel Read more »
chronic diseases in kerala

Lifestyle stigma for chronic diseases a drag on Kerala’s healthcare outcomes

Kerala's health policies are evolving to tackle the rising tide of chronic diseases and it is important to adopt a public health perspective for better results. #lifestylediseases #ncds, #publichealth #who #keralamodel ... Read more »
India's traditional medicine

No Man’s Land: Shaping policy for traditional medicine

Urgent policy action is needed to embrace and integrate indigenous and traditional medicine into global healthcare systems. #AYUSH #MoHFW Read more »
Use of AI in public health

AI in public health: Need to balance innovation with accountability

Artificial intelligence could revolutionise public health, but regulation needed to protect privacy, promote equity, writes Joe Thomas. Read more »
The Russian invasion of Ukraine

Russian invasion of Ukraine: A year of atrocities, inadequate global response

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to reduced access to healthcare, displacement, disruption of education, psychological trauma, and exploitation of the vulnerable. Read more »
talc powder cancer

Talc powder decision: Lawsuits may have forced J&J hand

There are 38,000 pending lawsuits by survivors claiming that J&J’s talc powder products caused cancer due to asbestos contamination. Read more »
World Health Assembly opens

World Health Assembly: Focus on food safety, oral health, tuberculosis, innovations

The theme of World Health Assembly, Health for Peace, Peace for Health is timely and appropriate for a world ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine conflict. Read more »