India's traditional medicine

No Man’s Land: Shaping policy for traditional medicine

Urgent policy action is needed to embrace and integrate indigenous and traditional medicine into global healthcare systems. #AYUSH #MoHFW Read more »
Use of AI in public health

AI in public health: Need to balance innovation with accountability

Artificial intelligence could revolutionise public health, but regulation needed to protect privacy, promote equity, writes Joe Thomas. Read more »
The Russian invasion of Ukraine

Russian invasion of Ukraine: A year of atrocities, inadequate global response

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to reduced access to healthcare, displacement, disruption of education, psychological trauma, and exploitation of the vulnerable. Read more »
talc powder cancer

Talc powder decision: Lawsuits may have forced J&J hand

There are 38,000 pending lawsuits by survivors claiming that J&J’s talc powder products caused cancer due to asbestos contamination. Read more »
World Health Assembly opens

World Health Assembly: Focus on food safety, oral health, tuberculosis, innovations

The theme of World Health Assembly, Health for Peace, Peace for Health is timely and appropriate for a world ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine conflict. Read more »
Ayurveda Aahara classification conerns

Ayurveda Aahara: New food category raises safety concerns

Ayurveda Aahara classification presents a major challenge to food sovereignty by ignoring the quality and safety of food. Read more »
indian economy faces ukraine war risk

Ukraine war: Attacks on health infrastructure must stop

The Ukraine war has put the country’s healthcare infrastructure under significant strain, and its collapse would be catastrophic. Read more »
are digital health apps useful

Digital health apps: How useful are they?

Some of the heavily promoted digital health apps turn out to be a waste of resources with tremendous opportunity costs on the health and wellbeing of the society. Read more »
self-care will be crucial in coming years

Looming crisis: World must develop self-care models for common ailments

Global Health Updates: Researchers need to evolve best practices of self-care that could be used to manage Long Covid symptoms and other illnesses. Read more »
public health outcomes

Public health: Profit motive, state inaction dictate outcomes

Optimal public health outcomes require policymakers and public health practitioners to hold powerful commercial actors responsible for their actions. Read more »