Covid-19, JN.1 variant

COVID endgame on hold as JN.1 outbreak raises fresh concerns

JN.1 variant of Omicron evades immunity, rewriting the COVID playbook and raising concerns about the effectiveness of vaccines. #JN.1 #coronavirus Read more »
climate change and the record-breaking heatwave

UN Security Council: India’s focus on maritime security, terror, health diplomacy

India may mobilise global leadership for equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines as well as on terrorism, peace and Security Council reforms. Read more »
World Diabetes Day 2021

India needs to go faster on Covid-19 vaccination

India must strive for 10 million Covid-19 vaccinations per day to cover its 1.4 billion population in four months. Read more »
world economy faces covid-19 trouble

Covid-19 fiasco: Why it is unfair to blame private hospitals

The poor gets government care and the rich can afford private hospitals; the vulnerable section is the uninsured 36 crore white-collar employees or self-employed people. Read more »
budget 2022 priorities

Decoding depression: Educators must focus on mental health of students amid Covid-19

Positive mental health of students can only be achieved through caring and accepting children as they are. Read more »
health insurance sector in crisis

Govt places orders for 44cr doses of Covid-19 vaccines

The health ministry orders 25 crore doses of Covishield and 19 Crore of Covaxin after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement universalising Covid-19 vaccine drive. Read more »
medical oxygen shortfall during covid-19 second wave

Covid-19 lessons: How to avoid medical oxygen shortfalls

Some practical steps to avoid a shortfall of medical oxygen that caused a large number of casualties during the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic. Read more »
IBC rules: insolvency and bankruptcy regime

India must rework IBC rules to tide over Covid-19 crisis

Government, RBI must encourage out-of-court restructuring and one-time settlements under IBC insolvency regime rather than pushing the problem to future. Read more »
covid-19 vaccines

Covid-19 endgame: Vaccines take on coronavirus variants

India's Covid-19 vaccination drive needs to cover a third of the country's population to have some control over the second wave of the pandemic. Read more »
covid-19 vaccines

Covid-19: Busting the myth of herd immunity

Is India in the brink of achieving herd immunity against Covid-19? Here we have a seasoned epidemiologist busting the myth that has sparked high levels of vaccine hesitancy. Read more »