BRICS expansion

As India blocks Pakistan, BRICS expansion raises unity concerns

As BRICS welcomes oil giants and diversifies, India throws a wrench in Pakistan's membership bid, igniting internal clashes and questions about the bloc's future. #BRICS #economy Read more »
BRICS expansion

BRICS expansion could benefit India, but at a cost

As BRICS expansion will make the grouping a diverse bloc with disparate agendas, India must be cautious about the rising Chinese influence on the grouping. #bricssummit2023 #dedollarisation #unsc #g7 #globaleconomy Read more »
BRICS South Africa 2023

Expanded BRICS can reshape the global economic order

Through unity and cooperation, the expanded BRICS can address global imbalances to shape a more equitable world. #brics #g20 #unsc #bricssummit2023 Read more »
Putin at BRICS summit

India’s strategic role in BRICS — bridging East and West

#BRICS can emerge as an alternative power center, challenging the existing world order and offering a platform for collaboration and rebalancing, write @Psm_cuts and Ambassador Amit Dasgupta. Read more »
BRICS expansion

Explained: BRICS reserve currency plan faces heavy odds

BRICS nations had initiated talks to create a reserve currency earlier also, but the move fizzled out due to more pressing national and international matters. Read more »
BRICS expansion

BRICS must expand to fill vacuum left by West’s decline

An expanded BRICS can serve the geo-strategic and economic interests of emerging economies and developing nations by unleashing non-aligned diplomacy. Read more »