EU's model AI Act

The AI Act: EU’s giant leap towards responsible AI governance

The European Union's AI Act seeks to foster responsible use of artificial intelligence while addressing its potential risks. Read more »
AI leadership

An AI revolution is shaking up jobs, markets, and society

Jury is out on the impact of #AI on the economy and society, and on how policy can shape a future where humans and machines co-exist. #artificialintelligence Read more »
AI mission

Artificial intelligence: TRAI urges collaborative efforts for responsible regulation

Telecom regulator TRAI recommends the formation of a statutory authority, and calls for international collaboration to ensure responsible use of artificial intelligence. #AI #artificialintelligence #TRAI Read more »
Use of AI in public health

AI in public health: Need to balance innovation with accountability

Artificial intelligence could revolutionise public health, but regulation needed to protect privacy, promote equity, writes Joe Thomas. Read more »
artificial intelligence, AI, AI regulation

AI regulation needed, but fear of unknown should not block human progress

The calls for AI regulation and concerns about its threat stem from fears about the impact on jobs, data privacy and individual rights. Read more »
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AI revolution: India must embrace technology to be world leader

India’s strides in AI: India has the second largest developer ecosystem and leads the world in terms of the number of artificial intelligence projects. Read more »
IndiaN economy, $5 trillion economy

How disruptive technologies are changing global trade

Global trade is getting disrupted by technologies such as AI, automation, robotics, and 3D printing. Read more »
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Future perfect: Life after the fourth industrial revolution

As machines take over tasks that humans perform, it may lead to a world where 95% of the jobs as we know them today will be done by machines or robots. Read more »