number of women in science rises

Indian banks remain male bastions despite gender inclusion policies by govt, RBI

Poor representation of women in top banking jobs despite efforts towards gender inclusion reveals the socio-cultural prejudices and the patriarchal mindset of selection committees dominated by men. Read more »
Budget 2021 by Nirmala Sitharaman

Budget 2021: Where finance minister’s words and deeds do not match

Most of the numbers rattled by Nirmala Sitharaman in Budget 2021 speech are for the next five years, highlighting the fact that India still needs five-year plans and the Planning Commission. Read more »
Labour laws in india

Lax labour laws will harm industry, economy

The argument that tough labour laws are responsible for the sorry state of the Indian economy and the industry falls flat in the face of the government data. Read more »
VBM flights for Kerala expats

Did Kerala fail its expats in Gulf countries?

Of the 629 VBM flights originating from the Gulf region, more than half (54%) ferried malayali expats and landed in one of the four international airports in Kerala. Read more »
Policy Circle Power Webinar Series

Power Webinar Series: Handholding India’s struggling MSMEs back to recovery

The 63 million MSMEs account for more than a third of the manufacturing output of the country and employ at least 120 million people. Read more »

India’s migrant labour exodus and the missing trade unions

Over the last 30 years, trade unions became irrelevant due to informalisation of jobs and a series of changes in labour laws. Read more »

Can India match Chinese success in post-Covid global economy?

India looks like an automatic choice to be a manufacturing hub that could emulate the Chinese miracle. Here’s how it can match China. Read more »

Great lockdown: Online classes, remote working widen India’s digital divide

Technical limitations and financial deprivation limit the country’s drive to make its citizens work, learn from home. Read more »
Empty New York Street

Coronavirus and capitalism’s hour of crisis

The ineptitude of the capitalist world in the face of Covid-19 crisis exposes the inadequacy of the market mechanism. Read more »
Kerala Budget 2020-21

Kerala Budget 2020: Full of promise, but challenges remain

Kerala state Budget for financial year 2020-21 is a daring attempt by the finance minister to overcome the resource constraints and the depressed economic conditions. Read more »