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Rising unemployment brings election promises under increased scrutiny

Unemployment woes dominate election campaigns as voters question job creation promises with official data painting a dismal picture. #elections #unemployment #jobs Read more »
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Unemployment figures hide widening job gap in South Asia

While global unemployment dips, South Asia grapples with declining labour force participation and widening job gap that put a generation at risk. Read more »
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India’s official unemployment figures miss the mark

India's five-year low unemployment numbers mask low wages, informal employment, and agricultural migration, says economist. #Unemployment #jobs #PLFS #CMIE Read more »
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Unemployment metrics may have outlived their utility

Informed policymaking needs alternative unemployment metrics that capture underemployment, job quality, and long-term unemployment. #unemployment #policy Read more »
PLFS shows low unemployment rate

Agriculture, construction, retail drive down unemployment: PLFS

As low rural #unemployment is the reason behind improved #jobs data, questions are being raised about the #sustainability of India's #labourmarket. #PLFS #LFPR Read more »
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Unemployment puzzle: NSSO data reveals opportunities and challenges

The latest #NSSO data unveils a nuanced picture of India's urban #unemployment, highlighting signs of recovery alongside #gender disparities and shifts in #employment patterns. #cmie #labourforceparticipation Read more »
urban unemployment and labour force participation

Urban employment: Need to promote diversity, equal opportunity

The Periodic Labour Force Survey by #NSO unveils the dynamics of urban employment as well as trends in job creation and gender inclusion. #unemployment #indianeconomy #joblessgrowth Read more »
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MGNREGS demand on decline, time to focus on urban jobs

There is little correlation between MGNREGS and unemployment -- the former is a scheme for unskilled workers, while unemployment affects educated youth. #unemployment #SkillIndia #MGNREGS #economy Read more »
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NSO data: Unemployment rate falls, but, women participation still lags behind

While the employment numbers are encouraging, the participation of women in the workforce remains dismal when compared to their male counterparts. Read more »
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NSO survey: Fall in unemployment rate linked to Covid-19 lockdowns

The fall in unemployment rate does not indicate an economic recovery, but an increase in the availability of employment after the easing of lockdown measures. Read more »