urban employment and female labour force participation

Urban employment: Need to promote diversity, equal opportunity

The Periodic Labour Force Survey by #NSO unveils the dynamics of urban employment as well as trends in job creation and gender inclusion. #unemployment #indianeconomy #joblessgrowth Read more »
MGNREGS, unemployment

MGNREGS demand on decline, time to focus on urban jobs

There is little correlation between MGNREGS and unemployment -- the former is a scheme for unskilled workers, while unemployment affects educated youth. #unemployment #SkillIndia #MGNREGS #economy Read more »

NSO data: Unemployment rate falls, but, women participation still lags behind

While the employment numbers are encouraging, the participation of women in the workforce remains dismal when compared to their male counterparts. Read more »
Women's Reservation Bill

NSO survey: Fall in unemployment rate linked to Covid-19 lockdowns

The fall in unemployment rate does not indicate an economic recovery, but an increase in the availability of employment after the easing of lockdown measures. Read more »
Naushad Forbes on unemployment crisis in India

‘India’s unemployment crisis an opportunity to create an economic miracle’

Unemployment in India stood at 8.1% in February 2022. The biggest single driver of growth and prosperity is the movement of people from lower productivity jobs into higher productivity occupations. We have... Read more »
labour day 2022 musings

Budget 2022: Wrong prescription for unemployment, demand slump

While continuing with supply side incentives, Budget 2022 does pretty little to address the issues of low aggregate demand and unemployment. Read more »
UPI123Pay to enable offline payments on feature phones

Budget 2022 must break the vicious circle of unemployment, aggregate demand

Budget 2022 should address the catch-22 situation in the Indian economy where unemployment and low aggregate demand feed each other. Read more »
labour day 2022 musings

Unemployment biggest challenge for FM in Budget 2022

Budget 2022 should make some effective policy interventions to address the unemployment crisis and generate decent, meaningful livelihood opportunities. Read more »
economic survey

Budget 2022 must focus on demand, jobs, reforms

The Budget 2022 comes at a time when the Indian economy is facing one of the worst financial crises since Independence. Read more »
pakistan economy

Post-Covid labour market needs policy intervention, income support for vulnerable sections

Policymakers should support the post-Covid recovery of labour market that is robust and broad-based, focusing on employment, income, workers’ rights and social dialogue. Read more »