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Pharma industry: India seeks global leadership through policy on R&D and innovation

India takes a decisive step towards self-sufficiency in pharma industry with the unveiling of the national policy on R&D and innovation. #pharma #atmanirbharbharat #nrf #nep2020 Read more »
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India’s pharma industry grapples with quality concerns amid contamination charges

India's pharma industry is facing a huge crisis as global scrutiny intensifies over contaminated medicines, raising concerns about its commitment to safety. #pharma #genericdrugs #WHO #coughsyrup Read more »
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India’s pharma industry must rebuild its global reputation

India must strengthen laws governing pharma industry in the aftermath of the cough syrup scandal. #IndiaDrugIndustry #PharmaIndia #PharmaExports #DrugRegulations Read more »
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Pharmaceutical industry: Tight regulation key to curbing unethical practices

The pharmaceutical industry seems incapable of self-regulation and ethical leadership, given its terrible reputation and failure to abide by the pharma code. Read more »
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Atmanirbhar Bharat push can further pharmaceutical industry’s global advantage

India’s pharmaceutical industry is the third largest in the world by volumes, but most pharma inputs are imported from China, Germany and the US. Read more »
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e-pharmacies: Need to remove policy vacuum

e-pharmacies give consumers access to quality drugs while offering marketplace sellers additional reach and streams of revenue. Read more »
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Atmanirbhar Bharat: Reducing dependence on China for active pharmaceutical ingredients

The vulnerability of Indian pharmaceutical industry on Chinese imports has become increasingly clear in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. Read more »