Indian education system, ugc

Indian education: Low employability of students, lack of quality jobs feed each other

While the number of graduates churned out by Indian education system is impressive, their employability remains a problem. Read more »
indian economy

Indian economy shines amid global crisis, but can it emulate China?

The Indian economy will need heavy investment in infrastructure, education, health, and governance to emulate China's economic miracle. Read more »
climate change and biodiversity

Climate change may erase more than 25% of species by 2100

The planet is facing its sixth mass extinction event, triggered by climate change and spurred by co-extinctions which will lead to a rapid increase the reduction of biodiversity. Read more »
G20 seeks to promote gender parity

Bangladesh economy paying the price for exports-led growth

The Bangladesh economy is facing trouble on multiple fronts -- an energy crisis, high inflation, lower remittances, shrinking forex reserves, and poor demand for its exports. Read more »
EU signals global minimum tax rollout

Global minimum tax: EU signal may prompt a flurry of action by others

The global minimum tax will replace the existing tax system created to deal with businesses that have some physical presence in a jurisdiction. Read more »
G20, india,

G20 presidency will test India’s global leadership credentials

India’s G20 presidency comes at a time when the world is grappling with fear of recession in advanced economies, sticky inflation, and disruption of food and energy supplies. Read more »
Clean energy, fusion reaction

Is nuclear fusion the holy grail of clean energy quest

The main challenge in commercial generation of nuclear fusion power is creating an environment that can contain burning plasma needed to produce a self-sustaining fusion reaction. Read more »
coal, carbon trading, pollution,

Energy Conservation Bill, 2022 eyes robust carbon trading in India

While the Bill is a welcome move to curb climate change via carbon credit trading, analysts are sceptical of the role the Ministry of Power is expected to play in the same. Read more »
India's low democracy rankings

Democracy rankings will take a toll on India’s global standing and its economy

India's low democracy rankings are not because of Western biases, but because of the opinion of India's own intellectual class which rate India poorly. Read more »
sustainable transport for greener future

Electric vehicles: Amended standards to weigh on output, sales

The amendments to AIS156 norms come at a time when electric vehicles makers are struggling to meet the surging demand. Read more »