More than 1000 millets based startups in India

From fields to plates: Millets startups transforming India’s food market

India's #millets startups tap into the sustainability and health potential of millets, diversifying their product offerings and expanding market reach. #superfood #yearofmillets #soulfulmasalaoats Read more »
electric vehicles, EVs

India’s electric vehicles ambition runs into a Chinese wall

India's electric vehicles industry faces supply chain hurdles in China as it targets green mobility. #EV #China #greenmobility #electricvehicles Read more »
sustainability of cities

Water, energy, green buildings key to sustainability of cities

As humans continue to build new urban landscapes, they should do so with a firm commitment to #sustainability, shaping the future of the cities and the civilization. #sustainablecities #smartcities #greenbuildings #climatechange Read more »
insolvency and bankruptcy, IBC

IBC: Professionals must gear up, take more cases, deliver speedy resolution

India's #IBC law may have seen betterment over the course of seven years, but there is a long way to go to achieve desired outcomes. #IBC #insolvencyandbankruptcycode Read more »
India's sustainability champions

India’s sustainability champions are redefining responsible business

Amid global concerns over #climatechange and environmental degradation, a new breed of Indian businesses is emerging as torchbearers of #sustainability, setting ambitious goals and redefining #corporateresponsibility. #globalwarming #netzero Read more »
quality education and demographic dividend

Monetary policy: India needs tailored steps to unlock its growth potential

India's #GDPgrowth rate ranks among the world's highest, but it remains below its long-term growth potential, raising concerns about the country's ability to tap its #demographicdividend. #forexreserves #rbipolicy Read more »
online gaming regulation in india

Taxing online gaming: India must craft policies suited for digital age

The debate over imposing 28% #GST on online gaming in India underscores the need for nuanced policies that align with evolving societal dynamics, writes Srinath Sridharan. #onlinegaming #gambling Read more »
India's external debt

Climate finance: Who will bear the cost of climate transition

From emission taxes to international partnerships, the options for raising climate finance are complex, demanding innovative solutions and equitable strategies, writes Suranjali Tandon. #climatechange #globalwarming #netzero Read more »
world lung health day

India must tackle its silent lung health emergency

A nation grappling with #airpollution, #tobaccoaddiction, and chronic respiratory diseases, India must safeguard the lung health of its citizens. #COPD #COVID19 #TB Read more »

Green bonds and India’s climate ambitions: Challenges and opportunities

India's green bonds market is still in its early stages, but insurance companies are expected to drive demand due to regulatory requirements. #greenbonds #climatechange Read more »