semiconductor industry in india

India’s semiconductor industry dreams take wings with Vedanta-Foxconn venture

Finally, India will have a large-scale semiconductor industry unit, but the industry’s long-term success will depend on the country’s unpredictable tax and regulatory regimes. Read more »
BRICS expansion

BRICS must expand to fill vacuum left by West’s decline

An expanded BRICS can serve the geo-strategic and economic interests of emerging economies and developing nations by unleashing non-aligned diplomacy. Read more »
European recession

Energy crisis may trigger European recession, unrest

The Russia-Ukraine war may lead to a European recession that threatens to destroy Europe’s industrial prowess and high living standards. Read more »
Human development index

India slips on Human Development Index as Covid-19, Ukraine crisis weigh

India slipped to 132nd position in 2022 on the Human Development Index (HDI) from 130th with the country falling behind the global average on all four indices. Read more »
Russia crude oil exports

Russian crude oil: Will India defy the West to grab Putin’s offer

As the G7 looks to tighten the screws on Russia, Putin will lean on neighbour China and long-time ally India to import more of its crude oil. Read more »
Indian NBFCs

Indian economy crosses another milestone, but worries linger

Lacklustre GDP, inflation numbers mar the celebrations as Indian economy pips the UK to become the fifth largest. Read more »
phonepe, google pay UPI duopoly

UPI payments: RBI looks to break PhonePe, GPay duopoly

PhonePe leads in UPI transactions with almost 50% market share, followed by Google Pay (38%) and Paytm Payments Bank (17%). Read more »
NIRF rankings, education

Interdisciplinary push: Liberating higher education from excessive specialisation

There is a need for complex interdisciplinary solutions, but the transformation of higher education will need to address issues of finance, endowment, and infrastructure. Read more »
Monsoon, agriculture

Deficient monsoon threatens to derail farm output, consumer demand

A fall in the output of paddy, maize, and pulses due to below normal monsoon may fuel inflation and cripple consumer demand during the festive season. Read more »
India's arctic policy dilemma

India’s Arctic policy regime and its geopolitical significance

India’s Arctic policy faces a strategic dilemma in the context of the Western sanctions on Russia because of its several pending projects with Moscow. Read more »