global bond market entry

Bond market integration a game-changer for India’s financial sector

India's inclusion in GBI-EM Global index is a watershed moment that will propel the country’s bond market onto the global stage, write Dr Ram Singh and Dhriti Mukherjee Pipil. #rbi #g-secs #bondmarketindex... Read more »
global hunger index 2023

Solutions to global hunger crisis need revolutionisation of food systems

As the world grapples with a global hunger crisis, countries like India must leverage the power of youth engagement to transform food systems. #poverty #stunting #childmortality #foodsecurity Read more »
rooftop solar

Navigating climate finance — from greenbacks to green bonds

As extreme weather events become increasingly frequent, the financial sector must confront the challenge of identifying and mitigating risks to climate finance. #greenbonds #climatechange #netzero Read more »

Critical minerals: Cabinet clears the deck for mine auctions

The global race for critical minerals is intensifying, and India is eager to stake its claim in this growing market. #lithium Read more »
IMF outlook for Indian economy

Indian economy to remain a bright spot amid global downturn

Robust domestic #consumption, #governmentspending, and rising #exports set to drive significant economic growth in Indian economy in 2023 and 2024, says #IMF's #WorldEconomicOutlook 2023. Read more »
urban unemployment and labour force participation

Unemployment puzzle: NSSO data reveals opportunities and challenges

The latest #NSSO data unveils a nuanced picture of India's urban #unemployment, highlighting signs of recovery alongside #gender disparities and shifts in #employment patterns. #cmie #labourforceparticipation Read more »
covid-19 and clinical research

Reimagining clinical research – Lessons from COVID-19 pandemic

#COVID19 pandemic has reshaped clinical research in India, highlighting the need for collaboration, network-building, innovation, and efficiency, writes Dr Aparna Mukherjee. #clinicaltrials #lungdiseases Read more »

DESH Bill: India looks to match China’s SEZ success

DESH Bill seeks to revive India's SEZs, aligning them with global standards for economic growth and attracting foreign investment. #DESHBill #SEZs Read more »
another crisis for global economy

West Asian conflict sends jitters through crisis-ridden global economy

As the #IsraelHamas conflict pushes the global economy to the brink, the central banks will struggle to balance between #inflation control and #economicgrowth. #fed #rbi #ecb #boe Read more »
Harvard economist Claudia Goldin wins Nobel economics 2023

Claudia Goldin’s insights reveal roots of gender inequality

Claudia Goldin's pioneering research shows that gender gaps in the labour market are influenced by a complex interplay of social, economic, and cultural factors. #economicsnobel #HarvardUniversity #nobeleconomics #gender #labourmarket Read more »