India eyes green hydrogen leadership

India eyes green hydrogen leadership, but challenges remain

India’s largest corporates, the Adani group and Reliance, have joined the race to produce green hydrogen at competitive prices, but they still need cutting edge technology and a robust market ecosystem to... Read more »
Indian education system, ugc

UGC bid to woo foreign universities welcome, but it must focus on homegrown ones

The UGC decision to allow foreign universities comes at a time when local institutions are facing serious challenges in terms of resources, infrastructure and academic freedom. Read more »
Budget 2023, subsidies

Govt walks tightrope on subsidies as deficit widens

The government is under pressure to cut subsidies and maintain fiscal discipline at a time when political situation warrants a populist Budget 2023. Read more »
budget 2022 pharmaceuticals industry

Pharmaceuticals industry awaits Budget 2023 for policy direction

India can aspire to be a global manufacturing hub for pharmaceuticals, but it needs to reduce dependence on imports. Read more »
artificial intelligence, AI, AI regulation

AI revolution: India must embrace technology to be world leader

India’s strides in AI: India has the second largest developer ecosystem and leads the world in terms of the number of artificial intelligence projects. Read more »
RBI may hold repo rate

SC upholds demonetisation, but cash is still king

The ruling says the government was within its rights to announce demonetisation, but it is no commentary on the rationality or soundness of the decision. Read more »
Indian middle class

Indian middle class facing a cost-of-living crisis

The Indian middle class is the primary force behind the India story. The government must consider tax breaks or other financial incentives for middle class families. Read more »
india retail, reliance retail, RIL, inflation

Front of the package labelling key to tackling lifestyle diseases

India must implement front of the food package labelling with colours and pictures that can be easily understood by consumers. Read more »

Indian economy faces mixed signals in the New Year

For the Indian economy, there are several reasons to be cheerful such as the gross NPAs of Indian banks falling to a seven-year low this year, while there are also reasons to... Read more »
battery storage technology

Battery storage technology leadership key to India’s renewables future

As it seeks to increase the share of renewables in the energy mix, India needs comprehensive guidelines on the use of battery storage technology, its environmental impact and safety aspects. Read more »