G20 seeks to promote gender parity

G20 leaders pledge to promote gender equality in labour market

G20 has recognised the need to address challenges arising from digitisation, automation, and globalisation, while focusing on new skills, new forms of work, and institutional frameworks, writes Ellina Samantroy Jena. #ilo #plfs... Read more »
India-UK FTA

India-UK FTA: Weighing trade gains against non-trade barriers

India must carefully assess and address non-trade obligations under the India-UK FTA to ensure that the final agreement aligns with its economic and strategic interests. #fta #wto #eu #indiauk #tariffs Read more »
AI mission

AI bias threatens evolution of fair and equitable technology

AI bias is a problem that can have significant negative consequences for individuals and society as a whole. #ai #artificialintelligence #machinelearning #google Read more »
ICT skills gap in digital india

Digital India: Bridging ICT skills divide biggest challenge

Industry 4.0 is reshaping India's workforce, and the demand for ICT skills has surged, further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. #digitalindia #skillindia #technology Read more »
crypto regulation

Crypto industry cheers IMF-FSB blueprint for regulatory clarity

The IMF-FSB roadmap for #crypto industry regulation promises to bring stability and security to the volatile #digitalassets market. #cryptocurrency #erupee #cbdc Read more »
CBDC, e-Rupee

CBDC future: e-Rupee takes the lead in India’s cashless journey

RBI’s CBDC e-rupee marks a significant step towards a cashless economy in India, offering citizens the opportunity to transact digitally. #erupee #bitcoin #cryptos #cbdc Read more »
global bond market entry

Bond market integration a game-changer for India’s financial sector

India's inclusion in GBI-EM Global index is a watershed moment that will propel the country’s bond market onto the global stage, write Dr Ram Singh and Dhriti Mukherjee Pipil. #rbi #g-secs #bondmarketindex... Read more »
global hunger index 2023

Solutions to global hunger crisis need revolutionisation of food systems

As the world grapples with a global hunger crisis, countries like India must leverage the power of youth engagement to transform food systems. #poverty #stunting #childmortality #foodsecurity Read more »
rooftop solar

Navigating climate finance — from greenbacks to green bonds

As extreme weather events become increasingly frequent, the financial sector must confront the challenge of identifying and mitigating risks to climate finance. #greenbonds #climatechange #netzero Read more »

Critical minerals: Cabinet clears the deck for mine auctions

The global race for critical minerals is intensifying, and India is eager to stake its claim in this growing market. #lithium Read more »