India's national green hydrogen mission

India’s green hydrogen drive must address technology needs, water scarcity

India needs advanced technology, heavy capital investments, huge amounts of water, and a conducive regulatory regime to meet its green hydrogen potential. #greenhydrogen #greenhydrogenmission Read more »
digital public goods

India leads in digital public goods, but needs to bridge digital divide

India is a global leader in digital public goods as demonstrated in the development of Aadhar, UPI, National Digital Health Mission, and Open Government Data Platform. #Digitalpublicgoods #digitalindia #G20 Read more »
Marine plastic pollution is a major threat to the planet.

Marine plastic pollution snowballing into major crisis

Marine plastic pollution may grow by an unprecedented 2.6 times by 2040 from 171 trillion pieces at present. #marinepollution #plasticpollution #climate #pollution Read more »
US-India trade

US-India trade potential largely untapped despite chip deal

US commerce secretary Gina Raimondo highlighted the potential of US-India trade beyond #semiconductors as both countries are keen to reduce reliance on #Chinese #electronics #imports. #USIndiatrade #economy Read more »
LGBTQ+ rights

Take data out of the closet for the well-being of LGBTQ+ people

The #Covid19 and #Mpox outbreaks exacerbated patterns of social exclusion and violence, creating a negative effect on #LGBTQ+ people. #PMNCH Read more »
migrant labour, internal migration

Internal migration: States must ensure safety to avoid economic, diversity losses

Removing hurdles to internal migration holds key to India’s #future #growth. The existing #legal mechanism must be strengthened to protect the interests of #migrants. #economy #demography Read more »
PSU preference in public procurement

Public procurement: Periodic review of preferential treatment can ensure cost effectiveness

Governments should apply the principle of competitive neutrality in public procurement in cases where no participant has any competitive advantage. #GeM #publicprocurement #publicsector Read more »
ONDC, ecommerce

Clipping the wings: Is India sabotaging its telecom sector

TRAI should fix minimum tariffs to save the telecom industry from the price war and to create healthy competition among service providers. #telecom #industry Read more »
struggle for gender parity

Women’s Day 2023: Gender parity still a distant dream

WEF’s Gender Gap Report 2022 shows that even the best performing countries have not achieved full gender parity. Read more »

India’s G20 presidency must address rising protectionism

The economic crisis triggered by the pandemic and Ukraine-Russia war has led to the rise of protectionism that is negating the gains of #globalisation in the last few decades. #G20 #multilateralism Read more »