The Inflation Reduction Act 2022

Explained: America’s Inflation Reduction Act 2022 is more about environment

The Inflation Reduction Act 2022 may not have an immediate impact on surging prices, but its focus on clean energy will have a long-term influence on inflation. Read more »
whatsapp spam calls

RBI digital lending norms silent on lending scamsters

The digital lending guidelines announced by RBI will protect borrowers by ending malpractices prevalent in the digital lending ecosystem. Read more »

Covid-19 loosens its grip, but is the worst over?

Covid-19 scare: As people lose fear of coronavirus even amid rising cases, is it safe to surmise that we are behind the worst of pandemic? Read more »
Climate change and pathogenic diseases

Brewing trouble: Climate change can aggravate threat of pathogenic diseases

The threat of more than half of pathogenic diseases such as malaria, dengue, and pneumonia can be worsened by climate change, shows study. Read more »
e-cooking is clean cooking

Cheap electricity central to India’s clean cooking transition

India’s dependence on expensive imported LPG/PNG has hampered its transition to clean cooking methods. Read more »

Climate change: India sets tough emission targets for 2030

Climate change menace: As the world’s third largest carbon polluter, India has finally decided to amp up its existing climate targets meaning the country will work harder to curb its planet-warming emissions. Read more »
co-operative sector

Co-operative sector: Kerala should revamp its scam-tainted credit societies

Bringing co-operative sector under the Banking Regulation Act will be counterproductive as it will devoid the credit societies of flexibility and functional autonomy. Read more »
green hydrogen demand supply mismatch

Energy economy: Green hydrogen is becoming a viable alternative to fossil fuels

As green hydrogen becomes a viable alternative to fossil fuels, it will attract investments away from coal, petrochemicals and blue hydrogen. Read more »
RBI repo rate cut

RBI raises interest rate; IMF wants rupee to be left alone

IMF wants RBI to stop intervening in the currency market by selling dollars. Read more »
Indian railways, Budget 2023 and urban infrastructure

Uttar Pradesh economy: A systemic approach to $1 trillion

The Uttar Pradesh economy can achieve the target of $1 trillion if the state government focuses on human development, skilling, and job creation. Read more »