RBI dividend

RBI dividend bonanza: Infrastructure boost or inflationary threat

RBI dividend bonanza: The Reserve Bank of India's record surplus transfer provides the government with some fiscal space, prompting questions about spending priorities. #RBI #Budget #dividend Read more »
EV, electric vehicles

India revs up EV push with new incentives for manufacturers

The government will offer import duty cuts to carmakers who invest significantly in domestic EV production. #EVs #FAME #PLI Read more »
healthcare, senior citizen

Ageism in healthcare: UN seeks to guarantee equal access for senior citizens

Several challenges remain in ensuring equitable access to healthcare for senior citizens, including a shortage of geriatric specialists. #healthcare #seniorcitizen #policy Read more »
climate change triggers ocean colour change

Oceans change colour as climate change alters marine life

Climate change is causing a large-scale greening of the oceans, with profound consequences for marine ecosystems. Read more »

Covishield row: A shadow on vaccine trust, not on progress

New vaccine trials offer hope against new variants, but Covishield's side effects raise questions about trust in drug companies. #coronavirus #Covishield Read more »
Need to integrate migrant workers

Building bridges: Kerala must redraw its migrant worker policies

As millions of migrant workers fuel Kerala's economy, social inclusion efforts are crucial to address emerging tensions. Read more »

IBC: Huge haircuts, low recovery spoil the code’s report card

Despite resolving a record number of cases, India's IBC grapples with rising haircuts for creditors, raising concerns about its effectiveness. #IBC #NCLT #insolvency Read more »
The UN failed to address the humanitarian crisis triggered by the partition of India.

Partition’s hidden scar: How mass displacement crippled healthcare in India

The partition of India in 1947 triggered a public health crisis that triggered a decline in life expectancy and limited access to healthcare. Read more »
green hydrogen as an alternative fuel

Green hydrogen: Need to focus on cost-cutting strategies

Large-scale storages could dramatically cut energy prices, making green hydrogen more cost-competitive. Read more »