Accounting scandal: PwC faces shutdown in China over Evergrande mess

Stricter regulations and potential multi-billion-dollar fines on PwC signal China's crackdown on financial risks after the Evergrande accounting scandal. #Evergrande #PwC #China #accounting #BigFour Read more »
Indian economy GDP growth

Can Indian economy sustain growth with tepid private spending?

High inflation and subdued consumer spending threaten Indian economy's growth momentum despite strong public investment. Read more »
India to benefit from China plus One strategy

China plus One: Will India’s manufacturing gambit work?

Long-term strategic vision and collaboration are key to India benefiting from the China plus One strategy of the West. Read more »
India's credit rating upgrade

Rating upgrade: India’s election-proof economy gets S&P’s thumbs up

India's credit rating upgrade by S&P Global reflects global optimism on the country's long-term growth prospects. #creditrating #S&P #elections Read more »
contract workers, workforce

India’s workforce transformation: More contract workers, less security

Changing workforce dynamics: A new report reveals a surge in contract workers in India's organised sector, raising concerns about job security and worker rights. #workers #workforce #economy #labour Read more »
unemployment, elections, jobs, workers

Rising unemployment brings election promises under increased scrutiny

Unemployment woes dominate election campaigns as voters question job creation promises with official data painting a dismal picture. #elections #unemployment #jobs Read more »
Advancements in energy storage technology

Energy storage revolution to unlock renewables potential

Advanced energy storage solutions will bridge the gap between the fickleness of renewable energy and the need for a stable grid. Read more »
chip manufacturing

Chip manufacturing: China looks to out manoeuvre US with $47.5 bn war chest

Amid US sanctions, China is aggressively investing in education and partnerships to create homegrown chip manufacturing capacity. #chip #China #AI Read more »
India's new FTA model

Rethinking FTAs: The India-EFTA model links trade treaties to investment, jobs

The current FTA model will undergo an overhaul to incorporate clear benefits and consequences outlined for both sides. Read more »
port sector

Indian port sector: Govt looks to tap more private investment

The government plans to transform the port sector by attracting investment through public-private partnerships, eyeing 80% private share by 2030. #ports #shipping #policy Read more »