The 16th Finance Commission needs to address the complaints from the southern states

Credit Crunch: NBFCs face sharp decline in loan sanctions

In the face of a dramatic decline in loan sanctions, NBFCs are knocking the doors of the RBI for permission to take deposits. #NBFCs #shadowbanks #RBI Read more »
Indian NBFCs

Regulating NBFCs: Balancing responsibility and accountability

#NBFCs are catalysts of financial transformation, and their regulation holds the key to economic growth with stability. #RBI #sebi #finmin Read more »
NBFCs, India's shadow banks

Shadow Banks: Navigating the complex landscape of NBFCs

Effective regulation of shadow banks is imperative to promote stability while harnessing the potential of India's non-bank financial sector, says Shyamala Gopinath. #nbfcs #rbi #npas Read more »
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NBFCs need a lender of last resort; SIDBI and NABARD can do the job

NBFC offer loans to MSMEs and individuals for 24-48 months. They need funds for a similar period in order to maintain a healthy asset-liability match. Read more »
Impact of demonetisation on Indian economy.

Fiscal policy: Surviving the economic tsunami of Covid-19 recession

India needs these fiscal, monetary and financial policy adjustments to stay afloat in the global economic crisis triggered by the new coronavirus pandemic. Read more »
Charan Singh, Punjab and Sind Bank

‘Good beginning by govt, RBI; but much more needs to be done’

The government and the RBI have taken some useful steps, but the situation warrants bolder measures like the ones initiated by the US and UK, says Dr Charan Singh. Read more »