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Brewing trouble: IT sector slams the brakes on hiring amid economic uncertainties

Amid a perfect storm of economic woes, Indian IT sector navigates a treacherous path, leaving job seekers in the lurch. #IT #technology #jobs #employment Read more »
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EPFO numbers: What India’s job data do not reveal

Amid optimism about India's formal job numbers released by EPFO, experts question the accuracy and quality of official employment data. #employment #jobs Read more »
PLFS shows low unemployment rate

Govt must focus on post-Covid employment crisis

The government must make efforts to sustain, support and generate more employment to revive demand, and facilitate economic recovery. Read more »
Easy MSME loans key to economic revival

Happy ending: Government can back MSME loans without any risk

The govt must offer 100% guarantee for MSME loans – it will ensure more jobs, higher GST collection, and fast revival of economic growth. Read more »
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Unemployment, uncertainty chipping away at India’s demographic dividend

Creating decent and sustainable employment opportunities for youth to move out of poverty will help realise the demographic dividend offered by India’s youthful population. Read more »
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India story: Right policies for an angry young population

To generate ample jobs for its impatient population, India needs sector-specific policies aimed at creating globally competitive industries. Read more »