G20 seeks to empower women

G20 embraces women-led development as Africa joins the table

The #G20 summit's vision of women-led development finds a powerful partner in the #AfricanUnion, paving the way for a more #inclusive and #sustainable future. Read more »
G20 seeks to promote gender parity

G20 leaders pledge to promote gender equality in labour market

G20 has recognised the need to address challenges arising from digitisation, automation, and globalisation, while focusing on new skills, new forms of work, and institutional frameworks, writes Ellina Samantroy Jena. #ilo #plfs... Read more »
G20 New Delhi Summit

India asserts leadership despite G20’s many failings

Despite its shortcomings, the #G20 remains an important platform for leaders of major economies to engage in dialogue and potentially find common ground. #g20summit Read more »
Economic growth

India-Middle East-Europe economic corridor can boost trade, but challenges abound

New Delhi will be a major beneficiary of the India-Middle East-Europe economic corridor, but the implementation will need huge resources as well as political will to overcome geopolitical disagreements. #ukraine #russia #g20... Read more »
G20 summit on climate change, sustainable development

G20 summit places climate change, sustainable development on centrestage

The #G20 New Delhi declaration could give a fillip to efforts to address climate change and sustainable development. #climatechange #globalwarming #sustainability Read more »
India-US trade

India puts Global South on top of G20 agenda

India's G20 presidency has redefined inclusivity in international affairs and set the stage for a more equitable global order. #globalsouth #pmmodi #globaleconomy #g20 Read more »
digital public infrastructure, DPI

Developed world can follow India’s lead in digital public infrastructure

India has taken a lead in rolling out digital public infrastructure, but developed countries face resistance because of concerns over data security and privacy. #DPI #G20 Read more »
BRICS South Africa 2023

Expanded BRICS can reshape the global economic order

Through unity and cooperation, the expanded BRICS can address global imbalances to shape a more equitable world. #brics #g20 #unsc #bricssummit2023 Read more »
sustainability and intergenerational equity

India must invoke ancient wisdom for sustainability

India needs to rethink #sustainability beyond a few decades and must travel back a few thousands of years to unveil the #intergenerationalequity inherent to our ancient wisdom. #climatechange #g20 Read more »
A case for developing international digital standards

International digital standards: The key to a thriving digital economy

The T20 India policy brief presents a compelling case for developing international digital standards to enhance the inclusive growth of the global #digitalservices sector. #wto #g20 #digitalgovernance Read more »