rice subsidies, food security

Rice subsidies: Rethinking food security in a globalised market

The debate on India's rice subsidies sparks a conversation on alternative approaches to food security for developing nations. #foodsecurity #WTO #rice Read more »
Food security, food inflation, food prices

Food security debate at WTO – Balancing needs, mitigating risks

India's fight to secure food security for its citizens clashes with free trade principles of the developed world at the WTO. #foodsecurity #WTO #trade Read more »
India's rice export ban

Rice export ban: India seeks to balance global foodgrain market dynamics

Amid global supply chain disruptions and geopolitical tensions, India enacts a rice export ban to stabilise domestic prices. #foodsecurity #exportban #basmatirice Read more »
Global food security under threat

Global food security at risk as fertilizer prices surge

An OECD-FAO report highlights the need for steps to address food loss, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and ensure a stable multilateral trading system to ensure food security. #climatechange #poverty Read more »
food security through sustainable farming

Sustainable agriculture key to ensuring food security

The world needs to promote sustainable agriculture for ensuring long-term #foodsecurity and climate resilience, writes @ssmumbai. #SDGs #hungerindex #climatechange Read more »
National Logistics Policy and food security

National Logistics Policy a step towards foolproof food security

National Logistics Policy will enhance food security by ensuring efficiency in production and distribution, write Bipul Chatterjee and Suvayan Neogi. Read more »
solar energy

Shift to renewables will cut cost of farming, strengthen food security

A swift shift towards renewables will help India meet its energy requirements in a cost-effective way and will strengthen food security. Read more »

Security Council presidency an opportunity to showcase India’s leadership credentials

India should use its two-year stint at UN Security Council to address issues such as terrorism, food security, climate change, global health and use of UN sanctions. Read more »
food security through PDS during covid-19 pandemic

Covid-19 crisis: Tweaked PDS, expanded MGNREGA, DBT key to ensuring food security

More money in the hands of the vulnerable sections of the society is the key to ensuring food security amid the second wave of Covid-19. Read more »
UNDP human development report

Foolproof PDS: A practical guide to food security

State governments must build a common database for the use of all welfare departments such as health, pension and labour, as well as schemes like MGNREGA and PDS. Read more »