Covishield row: A shadow on vaccine trust, not on progress

New vaccine trials offer hope against new variants, but Covishield's side effects raise questions about trust in drug companies. #coronavirus #Covishield Read more »
health insurance sector in crisis

Govt places orders for 44cr doses of Covid-19 vaccines

The health ministry orders 25 crore doses of Covishield and 19 Crore of Covaxin after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement universalising Covid-19 vaccine drive. Read more »
World Diabetes Day 2021

Covid-19 vaccines: Why compulsory licensing may fail to address shortage

Compulsory licensing now will be less useful as the companies will take another year to come up with the Covid-19 vaccine as they would have to reverse engineer the product. Read more »
Covid-19 vaccine drive in India needs to be stepped up

Step up Covid-19 vaccination drive to stop the second wave

The second wave may peak in mid-April if Covid-19 vaccine is not administered to most of the active population between 18 and 45 years of age as soon as possible. Read more »
Climate change and pathogenic diseases

Truth serum: Govt must speed up Covid-19 vaccination drive

India’s Covid-19 vaccination drive is not going great guns as we are made to think, and there are reasons why the political leadership should worry. Read more »