Google faces billion-dollar lawsuits over privacy, monopoly

Global scrutiny intensifies as lawsuits and regulations challenge Google's dominance in search, advertising, and its privacy breaches. #Google #dataprotection #privacy #monopoly Read more »
Digital Competition Bill, Big Tech

Digital Competition Bill: Big Tech see red over ex-ante regulation

The draft Digital Competition Bill splits Big Tech - Google, Apple, Flipkart, Amazon, and Uber oppose pre-emptive regulation even as Twitter and Paytm extends support. Read more »
Big Tech regulation

Big tech regulation: Lessons for India from Korean fiasco

South Korea's stalled attempt for Big Tech regulation highlights the global struggle to rein in tech giants while fostering healthy digital ecosystems. #BigTech #SouthKorea #India Read more »
Big tech, Digital Competition Bill

Can the Digital Competition Bill tackle Big Tech’s market dominance

Digital Competition Bill: Pre-emptive regulations and data sharing clauses may help India strike a balance between fostering innovation and curbing Big Tech monopoly in digital marketplace. #Bigtech #DigitalCompetitionBill Read more »
PE-VC investment

Layoffs cast shadow on Big Tech’s booming profits

Soaring profits and stock prices meet plummeting job security, raising questions about the human cost of the Big Tech's innovation policies. #big tech #layoffs #AI Read more »
big tech dominance over media

Big tech, big money: Why India needs a fair play code for news

The Big Tech must pay a fair revenue share to #media, and free news from unfair algorithms and biased digital ecosystem. #news #ai #india Read more »
data protection act 2023

Data Protection Act: Big Tech on government’s cross-hairs over compliance deadline

Big tech firms such as Google, Meta, and Microsoft face a stiff challenge as they prepare to adapt to India's stringent data protection Act. #dataprivacy #DigitalPersonalDataProtectionAct2023 #bigtech Read more »
A case for developing international digital standards

Big Tech regulation: Blanket emulation of EU law may harm India’s startups

The EU’s Digital Markets Act is at best a regulatory sandbox and results are awaited. India should not emulate this experiment blindly for Big Tech regulation. #bigtech #google #facebook #apple #microsoft #amazon Read more »
artificial intelligence, AI, AI regulation

Big tech continues to skirt laws; savvy regulation need of the hour

Unbridled market power of big tech poses problems for smaller companies which get lost in the sea of vendors, and users whose privacy and consumer rights are compromised. Read more »
big tech regulation

Big tech regulation: Global consensus the need of the hour

While there is general agreement on the need for big tech regulation, the powerful digital firms are resisting all attempts towards this goal. Read more »