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Budget 2021: Five steps to boost manufacturing industry

Revival of economic growth, creation of employment opportunities and inclusive sustainable growth are the policy priorities for finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman while preparing Budget 2021. Read more »
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Economic Survey predicts V-shaped recovery, 11% GDP growth

The Economic Survey sees robust growth in investment and consumption as well as a major recovery in services sector that contributes more than half of India's GDP. Read more »
Women's Reservation Bill

Budget 2021: Economic recovery and beyond

Here’s what the finance minister is expected to do in Budget 2021 – putting money in those sectors that will help generate employment and consumer demand, while reviving economic growth to pre-Covid19... Read more »
PSU Bank privatisation

Budget 2021: Nirmala Sitharaman’s turn to remake the economy

Union Budget 2021: Big-ticket spending plans, Covid-19 response expected dominate the eighth Budget of the Narendra Modi government to be presented on February 1. Read more »
Impact of demonetisation on Indian economy.

Budget 2021: FM should focus on jobs, infrastructure

Budget 2021 should focus on reviving economic growth and industrial output while creating a large number of jobs for the country's youth. Read more »
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Covid-19: Busting the myth of herd immunity

Is India in the brink of achieving herd immunity against Covid-19? Here we have a seasoned epidemiologist busting the myth that has sparked high levels of vaccine hesitancy. Read more »
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Budget 2021: Need steps to boost India’s ignored public health system

A Budget 2021 wish list from the healthcare and pharma sectors include incentives for research and development and tax concessions to help businesses hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more »
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Odisha Millets Mission extends lessons for other states, nations

The Odisha Millets Mission can be extended to all millets and lessons from the programme can be used in other nutritional interventions for better results. Read more »
IndiaN economy, $5 trillion economy

Budget 2021: Proposals to put Indian economy, industry back on track

Amid and overall economic downturn, here are the sectors that need special attention of finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman while preparing Budget 2021. Read more »
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Covid-19 economic packages must address women’s distress

The recovery packages must take into account the impact of Covid-19 and the economic crisis triggered by it on women empowerment. Read more »