New coronavirus could

Covid-19: Developing countries stare at the prospect of lost decade

A large section of the population in in LIDCs live near subsistence levels. The governments' ability to support them is curtailed by limited fiscal resources. Read more »
Sebi working group

SEBI panel suggestions may have huge tax implications

A SEBI working group report on related-party transactions looks to enhance the quality of disclosure and to protect the interest of minority stakeholders. Read more »
IndiaN economy, $5 trillion economy

Decoding framework of social stock exchange model in India

There is no provision for NPOs to reserve funds for unforeseen disasters. So, they need to create a pool of disaster reserve funds along with corporates. Read more »
India's dismal human development levels

The five futures that the New Education Policy promises

The 1986 National Education Policy was testimony to the ambition of the Indian state, while the 2020 policy is an acknowledgment of its limitations. Read more »
An Indian taxpayer doing tax calculations.

Income tax assessments: Personal hearing may be needed in many cases

Faceless e-assessment is a great idea, but it is essential to offer personal hearings to taxpayers when the assessment order contains negative references. Read more »
migrant labour, internal migration

Covid-induced reverse migration can be a boon for Indian economy

Several state governments are totally clueless about the number and whereabouts of their own people who have migrated to other states in search of livelyhood. Read more »
income inequality and labour share

Creating a world class capital goods industry in India

Investment in R&D, facilitating policy atmosphere, skill development, and supporting marketing mechanisms can foster growth in the capital goods sector. Read more »
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Last mile reforms can galvanise income tax collections

Honouring the honest: Another area of taxation crying out for automation support and fair queuing is the one involving grant of concessions and reliefs. Read more »
Women's Reservation Bill

NEP 2020: Knowledge economy for the globalised world

The New Education Policy will boost the economy, help reap the demographic dividend and will become a catalyst to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. Read more »
Digital Personal Data Protection Bill

Income tax compliance: Rewards may work better than punishments

Covid-19 has hit tax collections, but the situation will improve in terms of both the number of taxpayers and revenue collections, once the pandemic is under control. Read more »