The world earth day

Earth Day 2022: India must invest in effective enforcement of environment laws

Earth Day 2022 must be seen as an opportunity to address the shortcomings that stop it from performing better on key parameters. Read more »
India's lung health crisis

Air pollution raises Covid-19 risk among young adults: Study

The findings by scientists at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm that link infection risk of Covid-19 and exposure to common pollutants should worry policymakers in India. Read more »
inflation and interest rates

IMF cuts growth projections for 2022, ups inflation forecast

The IMF World Economic Outlook issues dire inflation warning, calls for interest rate hikes to avoid inflationary spiral. Read more »
indian economy faces ukraine war risk

Indian economy: Ukraine conflict, slow private investment pose risks

Indian economy is vulnerable to spikes in crude oil prices as the country depends on imports to meet 80% of its energy needs. Read more »
Indian economy

WPI inflation soars to record 14.55% in March

Rise in commodity prices triggered by global supply chain disruptions caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict blamed for the record-breaking run of WPI inflation. Read more »
climate change and fossil fuel industry

Climate change: IPCC report 2022 an indictment of fossil fuel industry

The third and final climate change report by IPCC highlights the influence of fossil fuel industry that could derail efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Read more »

India-UK FTA: Unleashing the bilateral trade potential

India-UK FTA is expected to facilitate the doubling of bilateral trade between India and the United Kingdom by 2030. Read more »
coal imports to surge to meet power demand

Coal imports may surge in 2022-23 after a year of slump

Power minister has asked the states to step up coal imports as a supply shortage threatens to disrupt power output in the coming months. Read more »
india's school education crisis

Covid-19 crisis: CSR must supplement govt’s grassroots transformation efforts

For improved results, the CSR policy should seek better reporting of corporate spending, backed by a rewards and recognition programme. Read more »
World faces Hobson's choice on false narratives.

Hobson’s choice: War on false narratives cuts both ways

A centralised system for screening and monitoring false narratives can also infringe on personal liberty and privacy. Read more »