using data to combat Covid-19

Covid-19: Need guidelines for using data to combat pandemic

Technology can play a key role in combating COVID-19, but there is a need to get the policies right. Read more »
budget 2022 priorities

World Population Day: India needs a comprehensive population policy

Population growth will be driven by multiple factors such as child mortality, education among women, urbanisation, and access to reproductive healthcare. Read more »
Malaria threat amid Covid pandemic

Focus on Covid-19 may disrupt India’s anti-malaria programme

Health awareness activities for prevention and control of malaria should be integrated with the awareness activities for Covid-19 in malaria endemic regions. Read more »
plague epidemic 1994

Lessons from 1994 plague for India’s fight against Covid-19

The 1994 plague experience offered some relevant lessons to fight coronavirus, but the decision makers chose to ignore them. Read more »
Budget 2021 agriculture

In theory: The economics of man vs animal conflicts

Unless there are clear property titles and free help for negotiations, gruesome animal killings will continue to happen. Read more »

India’s migrant labour exodus and the missing trade unions

Over the last 30 years, trade unions became irrelevant due to informalisation of jobs and a series of changes in labour laws. Read more »
The threat posed by forever chemicals

Sustainable water management ideas for post-Covid India

Water suppliers need to collect charges to fund maintenance of the system and for capacity expansion. Targeted subsidies can be provided to the weaker sections. Read more »
Ayushman Bharat scheme

An invisible crisis:  People living with HIV in times of Covid-19 pandemic

The war on new coronavirus can learn several valuable lessons from the global experience of fight against the HIV pandemic, says Vanisree Ramanathan. Read more »
Informalisation in labour market

A wish list for casual workers amid heat wave conditions

The government must expand the scope of Ayushman Bharat scheme to add provision for treating workers falling ill due to heat wave. Read more »
Women's Reservation Bill

The digital divide: Why Kerala is not ready for the online education plunge

The government must ensure that its policies do not help widen the already existing digital divide, denying a level playing field for the marginalised sections. Read more »