labour codes violate workers rights

Treat migrants with empathy, allow them to go home

The activists and the media highlight the economic crisis faced by the stranded labourers, but ignore their emotional need to go home. Read more »
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An imperfect future: Imagining the post-Covid world order

The new world order: The post-coronavirus world will witness a rise in authoritarianism, protectionist economic policies, and mounting social tension, says Pushparaj Deshpande. Read more »
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India may cap coronavirus deaths below 7,000

The government must probe high coronavirus fatality in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Read more »
Migrant labour exodus

Covid-19: Time to build a robust database of migrants

It is important for the country to have a nationwide open database of migrant workers to provide them a healthy and secure lifestyle. Read more »
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‘Covid-19 lockdown debate is lives vs lives, not lives vs livelihoods’

Humans face the risk of death from a vast number of pathogens every single day. Coronavirus is going to be just another one, Dr Jay Bhattacharya. Read more »

Indebtedness, hunger may push Bengal’s tribes into bonded labour

Denotified tribes across the country are engaged in the informal economy, and the lockdown has hit them severely. Read more »
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Govt agencies push online learning, disregard official data

As institutions such as NCERT, CBSE and UGC push for online education, they should study the preparedness of various stakeholders. Read more »
masks save economy from Covid-19

Covid-19 lockdown has slowed the spread of the virus

Numbers show that India may manage to flatten the Covid-19 curve by the end of the current lockdown on May 3. Read more »
Covid-19 and extreme poverty

Make PDS more inclusive, give ration cards pan-India validity

Ensuring food security must be the top-most priority of the government during pandemics and other disasters. Read more »
Kerala model against covid-19 coronavirus infection

Covid-19 update: Why there cannot be a single strategy for India

Covid-19 strategy differs from society to society as multiple confounders at various levels complicate the response. Read more »