G20 seeks to promote gender parity

G20 leaders pledge to promote gender equality in labour market

G20 has recognised the need to address challenges arising from digitisation, automation, and globalisation, while focusing on new skills, new forms of work, and institutional frameworks, writes Ellina Samantroy Jena. #ilo #plfs... Read more »
ICT skills gap in digital india

Digital India: Bridging ICT skills divide biggest challenge

Industry 4.0 is reshaping India's workforce, and the demand for ICT skills has surged, further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. #digitalindia #skillindia #technology Read more »
global hunger index 2023

Solutions to global hunger crisis need revolutionisation of food systems

As the world grapples with a global hunger crisis, countries like India must leverage the power of youth engagement to transform food systems. #poverty #stunting #childmortality #foodsecurity Read more »
covid-19 and clinical research

Reimagining clinical research – Lessons from COVID-19 pandemic

#COVID19 pandemic has reshaped clinical research in India, highlighting the need for collaboration, network-building, innovation, and efficiency, writes Dr Aparna Mukherjee. #clinicaltrials #lungdiseases Read more »
Stubble burning

Choking on smoke: India needs innovative solutions to stubble burning menace

The government cannot turn a blind eye to the practice of stubble burning that chokes the Northern Indian states during winter months. #stubbleburning #environment #agriculture Read more »
world lung health day

India must tackle its silent lung health emergency

A nation grappling with #airpollution, #tobaccoaddiction, and chronic respiratory diseases, India must safeguard the lung health of its citizens. #COPD #COVID19 #TB Read more »
road safety, road accidents, rajasthan

Rajasthan’s road safety crisis: A wake-up call to save lives on highways

Rajasthan's road accident crisis demands a comprehensive approach, with a focus on stricter enforcement, better road infrastructure, sustainable mobility, and road safety. Read more »
chronic diseases in kerala

Lifestyle stigma for chronic diseases a drag on Kerala’s healthcare outcomes

Kerala's health policies are evolving to tackle the rising tide of chronic diseases and it is important to adopt a public health perspective for better results. #lifestylediseases #ncds, #publichealth #who #keralamodel ... Read more »
AI bias problem

Generative AI: ChatGpt is reshaping jobs, not killing them

In a world rapidly embracing #GenerativeAI, it is more or less clear that #ChatGPT is reinventing job categories, not replacing them. #bard #artificialintelligence #ai Read more »
international year of millets

Climate-resilient millets present sustainable solutions for food security

Climate-resilient #millets with remarkable nutritional benefits offer a sustainable path forward for India's agriculture and nutrition, amid evolving challenges and dietary preferences. #foodsecurity #sustainablefarming #climatechange #sdgs Read more »