MGNREGS, unemployment

MGNREGS demand on decline, time to focus on urban jobs

There is little correlation between MGNREGS and unemployment -- the former is a scheme for unskilled workers, while unemployment affects educated youth. #unemployment #SkillIndia #MGNREGS #economy Read more »
India population

Opportunities and challenges as India becomes the most populous country

The Union and state governments in India need to invest heavily in education and healthcare to enjoy the benefits of demographic dividend. Read more »
Gene-edited crops soon

Gene-edited crops offer fresh hope for Indian farmers

Based on scientific evidence, gene-edited crops can be made available to farmers quicker than GM crops that require more time and regulatory scrutiny. Read more »
breakfast scheme

School breakfast scheme: Tamil Nadu model must be replicated across India

The school breakfast scheme, along with the mid-day meal scheme, would help address the issue of malnutrition among children and promote their overall health. Read more »
World Health Day 2023

World Health Day 2023: Aware consumers key to universal healthcare

World Health Day 2023 is an opportunity to raise awareness about healthy food choices and policies that promote access to nutritious, and sustainable food. Read more »
NCDs on world health day

NCDs present the biggest challenge to ‘health for all’

Non-communicable diseases, or NCDs, account for 64.9% in all deaths in India and 74% of deaths globally. Read more »

Govt cites fiscal prudence for delay in OROP payout

The OROP scheme stipulates uniform pension to all armed forces personnel retiring at the same rank with the same length of service. Read more »
Engineering education, engineering, IT

Sub-par engineering education chips away at India’s technology leadership

While India’s engineering education system churns out a large number of engineers, most of them remain under-skilled and unemployable. Read more »

Covid-19: XBB 1.16 variant no big threat, but too early to lower guard

The Union and state governments must be prepared and ramp up existing medical infrastructure in case of another Covid-19 outbreak. Read more »
World Tuberculosis Day 2023

World Tuberculosis Day: Time to take stock of eradication efforts

The World Tuberculosis Day is the occasion to highlight the importance of addressing mental health issues. along with making available affordable and effective vaccines. Read more »