covid-19 cases in india

COVID-19 resurgence in India calls for continued vigilance

While the current #COVID-19 cases are mild, waning vaccine immunity and the emergence of new variants necessitate ongoing monitoring and preventive measures. #coronavirus #WHO Read more »
pneumonia outbreak

Mysterious pneumonia outbreak in China raises global concerns

The pneumonia outbreak in China highlights the importance of surveillance systems for respiratory pathogens, underscoring the need for global cooperation in combating infectious diseases. Read more »
Universal pension and health coverage

India must build universal pension and health coverage

India needs to achieve universal pension and healthcare coverage without upsetting fiscal prudence and good governance practices. Read more »
loneliness a health hazard

Loneliness to connectedness: Tackling the hidden health hazard

Far from being a solitary experience, #loneliness poses a significant threat to #publichealth, demanding a comprehensive approach that encompasses individual, societal, and technological factors. #who Read more »
skill gap, e-shram

India’s labour market marred by rising wages, lingering inequalities

While India's average #wages have tripled over the last four decades, high levels of #labour market segmentation and a notable gender-wage gap continue to hinder equitable progress. #plfs #nsso #ilo Read more »
Kerala's NCD burden

Kerala’s NCD burden calls for social determinants of health approach

Kerala's famed #publichealth system is crumbling under the weight of non-communicable diseases, highlighting the need for a comprehensive approach to addressing the #NCD epidemic. #keralamodel Read more »
Fighting gender inequality in India

Gender inequality: Education can break the vicious circle

Educational interventions can play a vital role in reducing gender inequality by challenging and changing deeply entrenched gender norms and attitudes. Read more »
Support for road traffic victims

Road traffic victims deserve swift and fair compensation

The needs of road traffic victims extend beyond financial compensation, and include physical and mental healthcare as well as legal support. #roadaccidents #WDoR Read more »
Indian Banks

Jan Dhan Yojana: A decade of democratising banking in India

The Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, or #PMJDY, has revolutionised financial access in India, by bridging the financial divide for the underserved. #inclusivebanking Read more »
diabetes, pharma conspiracy

Rise in diabetes cases: A healthcare crisis or pharmaceutical conspiracy

India is witnessing a dramatic rise in diabetic cases, raising questions about the role of pharmaceutical companies in deciding diabetes thresholds. #diabetes #pharma Read more »