Common services centres and e-governance

Explained: Multidimensional Poverty Index helps India’s efforts to address deprivation

India has adopted the Multidimensional Poverty Index which provides a more holistic picture of poverty than income-based measures. #mpi #nitiaayog Read more »
Project Saagu Baagu

Project Saagu Baagu: Telangana’s agritech revolution

India's agriculture sector is gearing up for a transformation, and Project Saagu Baagu is leading the way. Read more »
multidimensional poverty

India reduces multidimensional poverty; malnutrition a concern

Malnutrition, lack of access to education major challenges in India's fight against multidimensional poverty. #poverty #economy #policy #multidimensionalpoverty Read more »
Global Food Regulators Summit 2023

Global Food Regulators Summit seeks to tackle non-communicable diseases

Global experts are gathering in Delhi for the Global Food Regulators Summit to address #NCDs, and to empower consumers for healthier choices. #g20 #fssai Read more »
Costly cancer treatment in india

War on cancer: Tackling the financial toxicity of treatment

Heavy financial burden of #cancer treatment takes a toll on patients, impacting the quality of life, treatment adherence, and mental well-being. #cancertreatment #ayushmanbharat Read more »
Protection of user privacy and personal data

Digital paradox: User privacy guarantees are not as robust as they appear

Digital platforms have an incentive to collect as much data as possible, even if it means compromising user privacy. #dataprotection #userdata #privacy Read more »
NRF, National research foundation,

National Research Foundation seeks to democratise science, foster innovation

The government must walk the talk on National Research Foundation to promote scientific research, bridge funding gaps, and revolutionise the research landscape. #NationalResearchFoundation #NRF #education Read more »
urban employment and female labour force participation

Urban employment: Need to promote diversity, equal opportunity

The Periodic Labour Force Survey by #NSO unveils the dynamics of urban employment as well as trends in job creation and gender inclusion. #unemployment #indianeconomy #joblessgrowth Read more »
Kerala's AI camera project has been launched

Road safety: Kerala’s AI camera project shows promising results

Kerala's AI camera project launched to improve #roadsafety and reduce #trafficaccident deaths has led to a significant fall in fatalities, writes @George Cheriyan. #aicameraproject #keralagovernment Read more »
food security through sustainable farming

Sustainable agriculture key to ensuring food security

The world needs to promote sustainable agriculture for ensuring long-term #foodsecurity and climate resilience, writes @ssmumbai. #SDGs #hungerindex #climatechange Read more »