ICDS scheme and sustainable development goals, SDGs

ESG reporting: Did the Big Four and the World Economic Forum crack it?

The new ESG reporting framework skirts some fundamental questions and adds to the very confusion it seeks to remove. Read more »
Decriminalising corporate offences

Decriminalisation of corporate offences may be counterproductive

Relaxing penal provisions under the Companies Act may encourage scams and misuse of the loopholes that are not so apparent now. Read more »
kashmir land jihad row

Land jihad? The reality of land scam in Jammu and Kashmir

Land jihad: J&K is locked in an unsavoury land scam involving a large number of powerful people across a wider spectrum of politics, bureaucracy and business. Read more »
India e-commerce policy

e-commerce policy must focus on investment, infrastructure

The government should stimulate investment flow all along the value chain, triggering higher productivity, efficiency and security. Read more »
trp scam

TRP scam: News channels should move away from ad revenue based model

The business of news television is not commercially viable unless it is cross-subsidised by other channels from the group. Read more »
farm bill 2020

Farm Bills 2020: Death warrant to mandis, end of small farms

In depth: The three farm bills are historic -- they would change agriculture sector beyond recognition. But they will lead the country into an uncertain future. Read more »
India is the largest producer of milk.

Why India should avoid milk powder imports

India became self-sufficient in milk and milk products in 1970s, Indian milk products are in demand globally and the country exported 123,877 tonnes in 2018-19. Read more »
Indian railways, Odisha train crash, rail safety, Vande Bharat trains

Indian Railways: Confusion must go before privatisation

The Narendra Modi government is treading cautiously because of the complex nature of the railways' operations and the doubts over its welfare function. Read more »
VBM flights for Kerala expats

Did Kerala fail its expats in Gulf countries?

Of the 629 VBM flights originating from the Gulf region, more than half (54%) ferried malayali expats and landed in one of the four international airports in Kerala. Read more »
Chinese economy

Anticipating Chinese retaliation for India’s FDI restrictions

China’s ambition for uncontested supremacy in Asia will not allow it to take things lying down. Read more »