cop27 un climate change summit

COP27: India’s ancient learnings can help climate change mitigation efforts

At COP27, India’s Mission LiFE initiative can offer a blueprint for individual and collective action towards climate change mitigation through age-old sustainable practices. Read more »
climate change and the record-breaking heatwave

Global warming: UN report calls for drastic emission cuts

The alarming global warming projections by a UN report may force participants of the upcoming COP27 climate summit commit more towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Read more »
esg focus on sustainability

Sustainable profits: How ESG is helping businesses shift focus

ESG thinking has brought the focus on evolutionary governance that seeks to achieve sustainable profitability. Read more »
plastic pollution crisis

Extended producer responsibility rules fail to resolve India’s plastic pollution crisis

As the fifth largest generator of plastic waste in the world, India needs to act tough with big brands if it were to address the plastic pollution menace effectively. Read more »
green hydrogen strategy for Indiasupply mismatch

Hype vs Reality: Green hydrogen capacity in 2030 may fall short

Only 4% of the green hydrogen projects have been finalised as the sector is plagued by uncertainties about future demand, regulatory frameworks and delivery infrastructure. Read more »
climate change, clean energy technology transfer from the US

Climate technology: US will seek revamp of India’s IP regime

India’s ambitious mitigation plan will require climate technology transfer from the US which is a leader in both investment and innovation. Read more »
ESG reporting

Climate change: World cities need to weatherproof themselves

Policy makers have their task cut out with climate change manifesting as extreme weather events threatening to make many cities unliveable. Read more »
global warming and climate change

Global climate change report highlights urgent need for emissions cut

A climate change report by US federal agency proves long-term warming trends continue unabated despite comforting touch of La Nina. Read more »
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Unplanned renewable energy drive threatens food security, biodiversity

A TNC study of land use patterns by renewable energy projects found that more than 85% of the country’s solar projects are built on land that could create potential biodiversity and food... Read more »
threat of climate endgame

Climate endgame: Governments must prepare for worst-case scenarios

While there is little chance of a climate endgame involving human extinction or global societal collapse, facing the future without an understanding of the worst-case scenarios would be foolish. Read more »