Towards Paris Agreement goals

Paris Agreement: Raising accountability on voluntary action

Government policy and investment as well as voluntary action by businesses and other non-state actors are needed to achieve Paris Agreement goals. Read more »
India eyes green hydrogen leadership

Trade barriers may thwart India’s green hydrogen ambitions

Huge subsidies for green hydrogen production offered by advanced countries hinder India's efforts to become a clean energy exporter. #greenhydrogen #protectionism #trade Read more »
alternatives to coal energy

India struggles to reduce dependence on coal energy

India needs to balance its growth and emission goals as storage and grid issues weigh on its transition from coal energy. #coal #energy Read more »
Green hydrogen, harit sagar

Fossil Fuels to green hydrogen: Harit Sagar eyes sustainable ports

Harit Sagar Guidelines 2023 looks to promote green hydrogen, seeks environmental stewardship in port operations. #environment #sustainabledevelopment #climatechange #greenhydrogen #greenenergy Read more »
energy security vs net zero

Net-zero transition: Balancing energy security, sustainability

The world needs to strike a fine balance between achieving energy security and reducing carbon emissions, writes Srinath Sridharan. #climatechange #netzero #globalwarming Read more »
sustainable transport for greener future

Sustainable transport: Rethinking mobility for a greener future

India must focus on redesigning roads and prioritising non-motorised vehicles for sustainable transport, safer and healthier living. #climatechange #netzero #globalroadsafetyweek Read more »
climate change and the record-breaking heatwave

Doubling climate finance key to achieving sustainable development goals

Structured climate finance and innovative solutions needed to address #climatechange challenges. #globalwarming #SDGs Read more »
single-use plastics

Single-use plastics ban remains a dream without viable alternatives

People are highly price-conscious and insensitive to environmental cause which prevents use of alternatives to single-use plastics. #Singleuseplastics #climatechange #environment Read more »
water bodies census

Water bodies census reveal rural-urban disparities

India's first water bodies census highlights the importance of preserving India's 2.4 million ponds, tanks, lakes, and reservoirs. #Water #climatechange #watercensus #earth #India Read more »
OECD Economic Outlook

Closing the biodiversity gap: How biocredits could save our ecosystems

Biocredits have emerged as viable economic instruments that can help finance global conservation efforts. Read more »