global recession warning

Budget 2022: Focus on infrastructure, jobs, social security

Budget 2022 must invest in infrastructure to generate jobs, enhance incomes and boost demand in the economy. Read more »
Fiscal policies must target inclusive growth

Widening inequality has serious repercussions for Indian economy

Despite India’s achievements on the economic front, widening income inequality remains a concern. Read more »
Farm laws repealed

Farm laws must widen MSP coverage, ensure profitability

With the repeal of farm laws, it is important to evolve a better MSP regime that offers better prices and more farming options. Read more »
gender gap in education, literacy

Multidimensional Poverty: Niti Aayog report points to need for course correction

The political leadership must take National Multidimensional Poverty Index seriously and focus on deprivation in parameters such as health, education and living standards. Read more »
climate finance

COP26 draft agreement: Humanity just scored a big win

COP26 draft agreement showed sincerity towards fighting climate change, instead of engaging in meaningless rhetoric. Read more »
Fiscal policies must target inclusive growth

Common household database panacea for human development woes

A common household database will enable policy makers to have real-time verified data on all family members, allowing better targeting of welfare schemes. Read more »
Ongoing coal shortage in India

Coal shortage: Govt policy must focus on steady supply

The current coal shortage in India is caused by a sharp increase in power demand from the economy that is recovering from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more »
food prices

Govt must change tack for one district one product success

The success of one district one product scheme depends on a paradigm shift -- from planning for schemes to planning for activities. Read more »
india becomes UN security council president

India’s Security Council agenda should go beyond peace talks

India should push for its national interests at the Security Council, without ignoring issues like global peace, terrorism, maritime security and Covid-19. Read more »
Covid-19 third wave

Covid-19 third wave: Govt must focus on pre-emptive measures

Dr Aruna Sharma’s inaugural address in the first episode of Delhi Dialogues emphasised the need for deliberations and wider consultations in tackling the third wave of Covid-19. Read more »