Four years of GST

War on poverty: Fiscal deficit concerns should not restrict government’s response

India should come up with a substantial fiscal stimulus to save the poor and the working class from abject poverty. Read more »
world facing climate finance shortage

Fall in CO2 emissions not enough to stop climate change

The fall in air and water pollution due to the lockdown is a temporary phenomenon and should not prompt the world to lower the guard in the fight against climate change. Read more »
Charan Singh, Punjab and Sind Bank

‘Good beginning by govt, RBI; but much more needs to be done’

The government and the RBI have taken some useful steps, but the situation warrants bolder measures like the ones initiated by the US and UK, says Dr Charan Singh. Read more »
coal imports to surge to meet power demand

Global CO2 emissions fall as power sector moves away from coal

Power generation from coal crashes by 24% in Europe and 16% in the US, but China’s dependence on coal-fired plants rises. Read more »
water crisis: rejuvenating india's ponds

The answer to India’s water woes lies in rejuvenation of village ponds

Revival of the country's 5,55,557 small water bodies can help achieve water security, climate resilience. Read more »
Vodafone Idea is in big trouble

Pound of flesh: Telecom crisis shows India in poor light

As it looks to emerge as a global economic powerhouse, India cannot afford the image of a rent-seeking state. Read more »
Union Budget 2020

No pathbreaking initiative in Nirmala Sitharaman’s Budget

India Budget: The finance minister lost an opportunity to push the envelope on pending reforms in some key sectors. Read more »
Sharad K Jain, Director of National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee

River-linking a great idea, but must be done without impacting people, nature

Ken-Betwa is a well-conceived project that will help meet water shortage in drought-prone Bundelkhand region. Read more »
g20, protectionism, multilateralism

Budget 2020: Why protectionist policies will not help Indian economy much

Narendra Modi government should focus on pending reforms, better infrastructure and cheaper inputs to make the country an industrial powerhouse. Read more »
Kottayam Medical College's Dr Jayakumar

Kerala’s achievements in healthcare can be replicated in other states

Robust public health infrastructure vital for the survival of India’s poor and middle class, says Dr Jayakumar. Read more »