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Ghosts of the past continue to haunt world economy

The Global Trends and Prospects report by UNCTAD says the travails of the world economy will linger as the world reels under a financial turbulence. #worldeconomy #recession Read more »
US economy awaits Fed action

Can the US economy avert a banking crisis, global recession

The crisis in the banking sector has aggravated the situation for the US economy and the #federalreserve that are struggling to avert a full-fledged #globalrecession. #fed #creditsuisse #svb Read more »
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A gloomy new year ahead with trends pointing to a global recession

The indicators point to a global recession in 2023, but its severity will depend on several factors such as the covid situation in China. Read more »

The recession and aftermath: Five trends that will shape of the next cycle

Inflation is likely to be more persistent post-recession -- the economies are likely to face higher than target inflation in years to come. Read more »
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UK, Europe may slip into recession, US may avoid the fate

Some large economies such as China and India may manage to avoid a hard landing, while some others like the US may escape with a mild recession. Read more »
Metal prices

Crash in metal prices foretells big economic crisis

A slump in metal prices simply means that businesses closely related with the industry such as home appliances, automobiles and construction have taken a hit. Read more »
Impact of demonetisation on Indian economy.

Covid-19 recession: New government spending key to economic revival

Net fiscal impact of the Rs 21 lakh crore economic package is likely to be between 0.75% and 1% of the GDP. Read more »
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Honey I shrunk the middle class, killed the Indian economy

India faces a peculiar situation -- businesses are not borrowing because of a demand slump, the middle class is borrowing because their incomes have shrunk. Read more »
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An imperfect future: Imagining the post-Covid world order

The new world order: The post-coronavirus world will witness a rise in authoritarianism, protectionist economic policies, and mounting social tension, says Pushparaj Deshpande. Read more »
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How India lost out to China, rest of Asia in economic development race

Santosh Mehrotra interview Part II: A series of policy mishaps ensured that India’s small scale industries did not scale up to face influx of Chinese goods. Read more »