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India’s climate change woes push healthcare to the brink

Climate change, manifested in the form of rising heat, erratic rainfall, and extreme weather events, is wreaking havoc on India's public healthcare system. #climatechange #extremeweather #public #healthcare Read more »
Migrant workers of Kerala

Kerala Story: Migrant workers struggle for equitable healthcare access

Migrant workers encounter a formidable challenge in accessing the famed #publichealthcare system of Kerala. #keralastory #keralamodel #migrantworkers Read more »
Climate change and pathogenic diseases

Covid-19 learnings: Citizens responsible for consequences of their choices

Once the Covid-19 pandemic is tackled, India needs to work towards an improvement in its healthcare infrastructure, disaster management systems, and education systems. Read more »
Kottayam Medical College's Dr Jayakumar

Kerala’s achievements in healthcare can be replicated in other states

Robust public health infrastructure vital for the survival of India’s poor and middle class, says Dr Jayakumar. Read more »