plastic pollution

Plastic pollution: How the throw-away culture snowballed into a crisis

The war on plastic pollution is a fight against the deeply ingrained throw-away culture that has dominated our lives for decades. #plastic #pollution Read more »
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Plastic pollution: Ottawa conclave eyes landmark global treaty

A well-designed plastic pollution treaty can incentivise sustainable materials, mitigate economic risks, and hold corporations accountable for their actions. Read more »
plastic pollution crisis

Plastic pollution: From convenience to catastrophe

A landmark global agreement seeks to end plastic pollution by 2040, but powerful industry lobbies threaten progress. Read more »
plastic pollution crisis

Plastic pollution: Innovative solutions shaping a cleaner tomorrow

Convergence of science, practicality, and creativity addressing plastic pollution, redefining our understanding of this global challenge. Read more »
plastic pollution crisis

Plastic pollution crisis calls for urgent solutions

A study published in Nature says the cost of cleaning up #plastic pollution, running into billions of #dollars, will be the biggest challenge. #plasticpollution Read more »
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Plastic pollution: An international treaty soon to tackle the menace

A global agreement to end plastic pollution will be finalised by the end of 2024 which will put forward international standards for monitoring production to ensure that plastics are recyclable and chemically... Read more »
plastic pollution crisis

Extended producer responsibility rules fail to resolve India’s plastic pollution crisis

As the fifth largest generator of plastic waste in the world, India needs to act tough with big brands if it were to address the plastic pollution menace effectively. Read more »
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Can AI-designed super enzyme end plastic pollution crisis

Researchers at the University of Texas have developed a super enzyme termed as hydrolase that can break down plastic in 24 hours, offering an effective way to tackle plastic pollution. Read more »
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UNEA agreement on plastic pollution a landmark

The United Nations Environment Assembly has reached an agreement to bring in a binding global treaty by 2024 to end plastic pollution. Read more »
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Global action alone can’t tackle plastic pollution; innovation, creativity may hold key

Plastic pollution also has a lifetime cost -- the plastic output of 2019 would be around $3.7 trillion, more than the GDP of most world nations. Read more »