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Merchant Shipping Act: Govt to replace imprisonment provisions with penal fines

Amendments to the Merchant Shipping Act is in line with the Union government's effort to decriminalise minor offences and to improve ease of doing business. Read more »
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Can BSNL revival package help telco break Jio-Airtel duopoly

The Rs 1,64,000 crore revival package will help BSNL launch 4G services -- at a time when its rivals are gearing up to set up their 5G networks. Read more »
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Fed effects another massive interest rate hike amid conflicting signals

The Federal Reserve hikes benchmark interest rate by 75 bps for the second consecutive time, but needs to thread cautiously as the US economy is already showing signs to slowing. Read more »
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Indian economy: IMF and other forecasters miss domestic, global pain points

The signs of an economic slowdown have begun to register with policymakers and the trickle down effect of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine will not spare India as well.  Read more »
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A golden goose: Online gaming industry facing sin tax trouble

The pandemic gave a major boost to the online gaming industry along with a youth population, explosion in volumes of mobiles and tablets, inexpensive data and new gaming genres.  Read more »

Monkeypox threat: Concerns rise as WHO sounds alarm

While monkeypox isn’t a deadly disease like Covid-19, it has been flagged as a global health emergency because there is no cure available for it. Read more »
The UK India FTA to be signed before diwali

Explained: Why the UK India FTA is important

The UK India FTA negotiations will cover several sensitive areas such as liberalisation of India's financial services industry and opening up the UK to students and skilled workers from India. Read more »
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Indian economy’s resilience offer hope amid worries of a global recession

Indian economy has more reasons to worry other than a looming global recession – a free-falling rupee, runaway inflation, ballooning trade deficit and sagging consumer demand are signs of trouble. Read more »
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Uncertain future: Are cryptocurrencies headed towards a great winter?

While cryptocurrency obsession is real, the government of India has not been that enamoured with the prospect of digital currencies in its financial ecosystem. Read more »
India's national green hydrogen mission

Green hydrogen cheaper than LNG now; energy market to witness disruption

Green hydrogen is still a long way away from becoming a significant player in the global energy equations, but all major economies are investing heavily in producing the fossil fuel alternative. Read more »