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Indian economy shines amid global crisis, but can it emulate China?

The Indian economy will need heavy investment in infrastructure, education, health, and governance to emulate China's economic miracle. Read more »
Pulapre Balakrishnan’s book India's Economy from Nehru to Modi: A brief history

India’s economy from Nehru to Modi – a conversation with Pulapre Balakrishnan

Pulapre Balakrishnan’s book 'India's Economy from Nehru to Modi: A brief history' traces the evolution of economic thought under the country's prime ministers. Read more »
The 16th Finance Commission needs to address the complaints from the southern states

Indian economy crosses another milestone, but worries linger

Lacklustre GDP, inflation numbers mar the celebrations as Indian economy pips the UK to become the fifth largest. Read more »
Indian railways, Budget 2023 and urban infrastructure

Indian economy not out of the woods yet, despite green shoots

Pickup in GST collections and consumer spending no solace for Indian economy which is suffering from high inflation, lacklustre monsoon rains, and global uncertainties. Read more »
RBI may hold repo rate

GDP growth: Indian economy faces global headwinds

The GDP growth rate in the April-June quarter was the highest in a year, helped by a revival in domestic demand and a favourable base effect. Read more »

Confusion prevails over the state of Indian economy

Confusing macroeconomic signals emanating from Indian economy continue to trouble policy makers. Read more »
RBI may hold repo rate

RBI raises interest rate; IMF wants rupee to be left alone

IMF wants RBI to stop intervening in the currency market by selling dollars. Read more »
indian economy

Indian economy: IMF and other forecasters miss domestic, global pain points

The signs of an economic slowdown have begun to register with policymakers and the trickle down effect of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine will not spare India as well.  Read more »
Repo rate

Indian economy’s resilience offer hope amid worries of a global recession

Indian economy has more reasons to worry other than a looming global recession – a free-falling rupee, runaway inflation, ballooning trade deficit and sagging consumer demand are signs of trouble. Read more »
Income tax, budget 2023

Indian economy: War on inflation will warrant sacrifices

The high wholesale prices will be passed on to consumers in the next few months which could devastate the Indian economy, irrespective of the assurances by policy makers. Read more »