Indian economy GDP growth FY24

Indian economy: Growth strategy needs an inclusive, sustainable turn

Indian economy's Q3 rebound masks income disparities and uneven sectoral growth, calling for targeted policy interventions. Read more »
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Indian economy embraces AI, but can it tackle inequality?

$7 trillion beckons, but Indian economy's success hinges on ensuring that marginalised communities are not left behind. #unequality #IndianEconomy #Budget2024 Read more »
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Rural revival: The missing piece in India’s economic growth puzzle

India's real economic growth story lies in empowering its farming heartland, and bridging the rural-urban gap for inclusive prosperity. #GDP #economy #India Read more »
Growth prospects of Indian economy

Indian economy: A compelling narrative, but challenges remain

Indian economy has defied global slowdown with robust growth fueled by manufacturing, services, and technology, but fiscal deficit and investment lag cast shadows. #gdpgrowth #fiscaldeficit #investment Read more »
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Indian economy: Can the growth engine defy global headwinds?

Indian economy posts 7% growth rate amid global turmoil, but it will be challenged by external risks and sustainability issues. #Indianeconomy #growth #GDP Read more »
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Indian economy: Bridging rural-urban divide key to balancing growth, prices

As Indian economy inches closer to $5 trillion, uneven #gdpgrowth across urban and rural sectors casts its shadow, necessitating #inclusive policies to bridge the divide. #inflation #sustainability Read more »
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Indian economy: Robust GDP growth haunted by investment ghosts

Private investment has not picked up despite Indian economy's stellar performance on the growth front, prompting the government to prod corporates to take the plunge. #Economy #GDP #investment #capex Read more »
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5G rollout can unleash Indian economy’s growth potential

The rollout of 5G technology has helped Indian economy weather global headwinds, heralding a new era of growth, says RBI's State of the Economy report. #economy #inflation #RBI #gdpgrowth #interestrates Read more »
IMF outlook for Indian economy

Indian economy to remain a bright spot amid global downturn

Robust domestic #consumption, #governmentspending, and rising #exports set to drive significant economic growth in Indian economy in 2023 and 2024, says #IMF's #WorldEconomicOutlook 2023. Read more »
India's geographical indications

Geographical indications: Boosting exports, driving prosperity

India's geographical indications are transforming the country's #exports, preserving cultural #heritage, and unlocking #economicgrowth. #GI Read more »