indian economy faces ukraine war risk

Indian economy: Ukraine conflict, slow private investment pose risks

Indian economy is vulnerable to spikes in crude oil prices as the country depends on imports to meet 80% of its energy needs. Read more »
Ukraine Russia conflict and Indian economy

Russian invasion of Ukraine: Implications for Indian economy

The Ukraine crisis will test the resilience of the Indian economy to withstand global events. Read more »
budget 2022 future of indian economy

Budget 2022: Making Indian economy future ready

Budget 2022 is wholly relevant to the new India which is agile, resilient, confident and self-reliant. Read more »
budget 2022 by nirmala sitharaman today

Budget 2022: An opportunity for govt, Sitharaman to break the pattern

Budget 2022 presents finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman with an opportunity to address issues that matter to millions of Indians – jobs, income and the fundamental right to lead a dignified life. Read more »
budget 2022 analysis by vineeta hariharan

Budget 2022: Electoral and fiscal compulsions will test FM’s balancing skills

Budget 2022 is expected to contain a slew of populist measures in view of the upcoming assembly elections in Punjab, Goa, Manipur, Uttarakhand and UP. Read more »
FM Nirmala Sitharaman will present budget 2022 on February 1.

Budget 2022: India should spend its way out of post-Covid economic crisis

Budget 2022 will target twin objectives of reviving the Indian economy and gaining a firm foothold in the global economy. Read more »
RBI must stop monetary easing

Stock market frenzy amid economic distress explained

The Indian stock market thrives on a number of factors such as the GDP bounce-back, industrial recovery, quality IPOs and low interest rates. Read more »
Budget 2022 focus on employment

Budget 2022 must keep focus on economic revival amid Omicron surge

Budget 2022 may struggle to maintain a healthy economic growth rate amid the Covid-19 pandemic despite several initiatives under Make in India and production-linked incentives scheme. Read more »
Budget 2022 focus on infrastructure

Budget 2022: Focus on infrastructure, jobs, social security

Budget 2022 must invest in infrastructure to generate jobs, enhance incomes and boost demand in the economy. Read more »
indian economy to grow 9.2%

Indian economy to grow 9.2%; NSO sounds Omicron alarm

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the Indian economy when it was yet to recover from the twin shocks of demonetisation and GST rollout. Read more »