Impact of demonetisation on Indian economy.

Worth the trouble? Indian economy will gain from long-term effects of demonetisation

Despite the mayhem it caused, demonetisation benefited the Indian economy by triggering the growth of fintechs, techfins and gig platforms. Read more »
Indian economy struggling post-Covid

Indian economy: GST collections bring cheer, but concerns over recovery linger

The growth in GST collections points to a recovery, but questions remain over the trajectory of Indian economy in the coming fiscal. Read more »
alcohol revenues of indian states

Alcohol revenues of Indian states raise ethical questions

State governments should distance themselves from alcohol revenues and find other avenues to fund their activities. Read more »
Four years of GST

GST@4: Centre must simplify regime, win back states’ trust

While the first 37 meetings of the GST Council did not require voting, there have been instances of majority driven decision-making recently which could jeopardise the functioning of the GST regime. Read more »
Covid-19 and public health system

Covid-19 lessons: India needs cooperative federalism of the flexible kind

Extreme centralisation or total decentralisation may not help contain the Covid-19 pandemic, but flexible Centre-state relations may. Read more »
GST, Customs relaxations

Covid-19 crisis: Ease GST norms for healthcare imports

The Narendra Modi government must take steps such as GST deferrals, relaxation of interest payments, duty exemptions, and faster tax refunds to help businesses tide over the Covid-19 crisis. Read more »
more GST sops needed

Govt must unleash more GST concessions amid Covid-19 crisis

In the light of the gloomy economic growth forecasts, the government must announce big ticket GST sops to mitigate the crisis triggered by Covid-19. Read more »
Indian economy post-Covid recovery

Indirect tax windfall brings cheer amid bad news on inflation, IIP fronts

Good news on the indirect tax collection front was eclipsed by a 3.6% contraction in IIP, and 5.52% higher retail inflation. Read more »
Indian economy post-Covid recovery

Record GST collections back World-bank’s 7.5-12.5% growth forecast for Indian economy

Bullish economic growth projections for the Indian economy will depend on financial sector risks, and the success of measures taken to curb the spread of Covid-19. Read more »
GST in education

GST regime in the education sector needs further tweaking

The GST completed its third year on June 30, 2020 and has been largely successful in its policy objectives in education. Read more »