coal gasification

Can coal gasification clean India’s energy act

India unveils an ambitious coal gasification plan to transform a climate villain, into a cleaner partner for its energy journey. #coal #greenenergy #sustainability Read more »
ethanol blending

Sugar millers set sights on 50% ethanol blending by 2030

Sugar industry leaders chart an ambitious course to significantly boost ethanol blending with petrol, paving the way for a greener and more self-reliant energy future. Read more »
Green energy transition

Green energy transition: US, India forge a game-changing partnership

The United States has offered help in accelerating India's green energy transition as two of the world's heaviest polluters look to combat climate change. #climatechange #greenenergy #cleanenergytransition Read more »
renewable energy, solar energy,

Solar energy: Powering India’s global economic ambitions

Solar energy is more suited for India than wind and other forms of clean energy as most parts of the country receive 4-7 kWh per sq m energy per day. Read more »
high fuel prices hurting fragile economic recovery

High petroleum fuel prices hurting Indian economy, family budgets

High fuel prices rob the common citizens by way of rising transportation costs and soaring food prices. Read more »
coal imports to surge to meet power demand

India’s coal mining reforms: One step forward, two steps back

Cheap thermal power is now a myth as continuous renewable energy has become more is more competitive now. Read more »
coal imports to surge to meet power demand

Global CO2 emissions fall as power sector moves away from coal

Power generation from coal crashes by 24% in Europe and 16% in the US, but China’s dependence on coal-fired plants rises. Read more »
climate change, clean energy technology transfer from the US

7592 MW renewable energy capacity added till December

Rs 36,729 crore investment has been made in renewable energy in the current financial year till December, compared with Rs 40,460 crore in 2018-19. Read more »