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India set to shake up global electric vehicles market

Diversifying beyond domestic needs, India seeks to be a pivotal hub in the international electric vehicles manufacturing network. #EVs #electricvehicles Read more »
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Electric Vehicles: Not-so-green path to sustainable mobility

While electric vehicles are hailed as the future of mobility, their environmental impact goes beyond emissions with doubts being raised about battery production and use of non-renewable energy. #EVs #sustainability Read more »
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India’s electric vehicles ambition runs into a Chinese wall

India's electric vehicles industry faces supply chain hurdles in China as it targets green mobility. #EV #China #greenmobility #electricvehicles Read more »
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Beyond renewables: Innovative climate change strategies for a sustainable world

Excessive focus on renewables in climate change mitigation strategies leads to policy makers glossing over some alternative practices that can be equally effective, writes @Moinak Maiti. #climatechange #globalwarming #renewables #electricvehicles #EVs Read more »
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EVs in India: Electric two-wheelers adoption skyrockets

EVs in India: Electric two-wheelers adoption is on the rise despite challenges such as dependence on component imports, subsidy cuts, and absence of vehicle recycling and scrappage policies. #EVs #electricvehicles #indianews Read more »
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FAME Scheme: Electric vehicles face pricing, consumer confidence issues

Electric vehicles industry grapples with high prices, compliance issues, corruption allegations, and inadequate charging infrastructure. #EV #Electricvehicles #FAME Read more »
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Electric vehicles: Amended standards to weigh on output, sales

The amendments to AIS156 norms come at a time when electric vehicles makers are struggling to meet the surging demand. Read more »
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EV Push: Carmakers vie for a pie in the nascent electric vehicles market

Policy changes, consumer preferences, and energy prices foretell the coming of an electric vehicles (EV) revolution in India. Read more »
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Auto industry stares at disruption as world moves towards electric vehicles

The demand for electric vehicles is expected to grow exponentially as the world nations and businesses race to meet their emission cut targets. Read more »
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New rules take India to the cusp of electric vehicles revolution

The new rules allow individuals and operators to set up charging stations for electric vehicles without a licence. Read more »