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Soaring outward remittances may help India expand its financial footprint

As India witnesses a 50% surge in outward remittances, driven by factors such as the revised tax regulations and increased investments, the landscape of financial flows takes a new shape. #remittances #LRS... Read more »
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China’s economic crisis deepens, poses huge risk to global economy

As China battles a wave of deflation and sluggish consumer spending, its economic turmoil is causing concerns throughout the global economic landscape. #China #economy Read more »
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US-India trade potential largely untapped despite chip deal

US commerce secretary Gina Raimondo highlighted the potential of US-India trade beyond #semiconductors as both countries are keen to reduce reliance on #Chinese #electronics #imports. #USIndiatrade #economy Read more »
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Fall in trade deficit transitory; India needs calibrated policy

The trade deficit trends reflect the slowing #economic #growth momentum in the global and domestic #economies. #economy #tradedeficit Read more »

Pakistan economy on the brink after bailout talks with IMF fail

#Pakistan #economy desperately needs its 14th bailout package from #IMF since late 1980s, but exceeds the Fund’s quota for advances by a whopping 210%. Read more »