ICT skills gap in digital india

Digital India: Bridging ICT skills divide biggest challenge

Industry 4.0 is reshaping India's workforce, and the demand for ICT skills has surged, further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. #digitalindia #skillindia #technology Read more »
RBI withdraws of Rs 2000 notes

RBI kicks off India’s journey towards a cashless future

The withdrawal of Rs 2,000 notes by the #RBI may be a precursor of India’s accelerated transition to a #digitaleconomy, writes @ssmumbai. #digitalindia #cbdc Read more »
digital india health

Digital India: India’s roadmap to universal healthcare

Digital India brings in innovative solutions for affordable and accessible healthcare for the country's 1.4 billion people. Read more »
Common services centres and e-governance

India will need unique solutions to create world-class digital infrastructure

India took the middle path for its digital infrastructure – not the western model based on large private tech platforms, or the completely distributed edge-based computing. Read more »
Cyber security challenges for India

Cyber security: India must update digital infrastructure, legal framework

As it moves ahead on the path of #DigitalIndia, the country cannot afford to be behind the curve in ensuring cyber security. #quad #cybersecurity Read more »
India mobile phone industry

India’s mobile manufacturing sector charts a success story

There is an urgent need to reduce the dependence of the mobile manufacturing sector on foreign parts and technology to help it grow further. Read more »
online gaming

Internet shutdowns are damaging digital India

There is a need to work out a protocol for shutting down the Internet and restarting it once the law and order situation is restored. Read more »