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Cryptocurrency dilemma: What history teaches us about money, assets

Prudential regulation of cryptocurrency should be done only after identifying instruments, issuers and working mechanism of trading platforms. Read more »
cryptocurrency bill in indian parliament

Cryptocurrency: India set to chart middle path between ban and free trading

The government has listed the Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill 2021 for introduction in the winter session of Parliament. Read more »

Cryptocurrency: India should go in for an outright ban

Cryptocurrency with no underlying assets cannot be legal tender or an asset class like stocks, debt paper, real estate or commodities. Read more »
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Cryptocurrency: Govt, RBI must exercise utmost caution

The RBI and the finance ministry should take lessons from the gradual opening of capital accounts and weather the pressure to legalise cryptocurrency. Read more »
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Cryptocurrency race: Cautious India may miss the bus

India may lose out because of its cautious approach to cryptocurrency regulation despite it being one of the fastest growing markets globally. Read more »
cryptocurrency bill in indian parliament

Cryptocurrency rush: Bitcoin rally forcing the sceptics to rethink

As the world sat and debated about cryptocurrency in the last few years, this asset class has gained a lot of attention and value. Read more »
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Uncertain future: Can NFTs survive the Cryptocurrency Bill

While India has not expressed clearly about a possible ban on NFTs, quandary over the details of the upcoming Cryptocurrency Bill have cast doubt on its potential legality. Read more »
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Fiat currencies vs crypto currencies: How they fare in addressing an uncertain future

Prices in fiat currency are determined by speculation, not by value calculated by intrinsic characters of irreplaceability and resource limitation. Read more »