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India must learn from China’s Covid-19 management fiasco

The government must avoid temptation to end Covid-19 vaccination programme and call all clear on the pandemic threat. Read more »

Post-Covid-19 syndrome: Government must brace for the gathering storm

The worst of Covid-19 pandemic may be over, but the flurry of problems classified as post-covid syndrome could sweep the world. Read more »

Covid-19 loosens its grip, but is the worst over?

Covid-19 scare: As people lose fear of coronavirus even amid rising cases, is it safe to surmise that we are behind the worst of pandemic? Read more »
covid-19 risk from air pollution

Air pollution raises Covid-19 risk among young adults: Study

The findings by scientists at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm that link infection risk of Covid-19 and exposure to common pollutants should worry policymakers in India. Read more »
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Lancet study reveals massive under-reporting of Covid-19 deaths

A Lancet study puts the number of Covid-19 deaths in India at a massive 4.1 million, eight times the official figure. Read more »
are digital health apps useful

Digital health apps: How useful are they?

Some of the heavily promoted digital health apps turn out to be a waste of resources with tremendous opportunity costs on the health and wellbeing of the society. Read more »
Indian railways, budget 2023, FM Nirmala Sitharaman will present budget 2022 on February 1.

Budget 2022: India should spend its way out of post-Covid economic crisis

Budget 2022 will target twin objectives of reviving the Indian economy and gaining a firm foothold in the global economy. Read more »
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Indian economy to grow 9.2%; NSO sounds Omicron alarm

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the Indian economy when it was yet to recover from the twin shocks of demonetisation and GST rollout. Read more »
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Budget 2022 must focus on demand, jobs, reforms

The Budget 2022 comes at a time when the Indian economy is facing one of the worst financial crises since Independence. Read more »
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Public health: Profit motive, state inaction dictate outcomes

Optimal public health outcomes require policymakers and public health practitioners to hold powerful commercial actors responsible for their actions. Read more »