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Chinese economy: Can innovation revive its growth engines?

Cautious optimism meets strategic ambition as Chinese economy pivots towards innovation-driven future. #Chineseeconomy Read more »
Chinese economy

Chinese economy faces uncertainty amid shifting global dynamics

Chinese economy may experience further slowdown in growth as the country faces a number of headwinds such as high debt levels, and a troubled property sector. #China #economy #GDP Read more »
Chinese economy

Deflation in Chinese economy will create global ripples

Troubles of the Chinese economy expose the fragility of the Asian giant's growth story, ringing alarm bells across its major trading partners. #globaleconomy #china #deflation #growth Read more »
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Xi Jinping consolidates control, but slowing Chinese economy poses challenge

Xi Jinping’s new team will have to grapple with a slowing Chinese economy, falling industrial output and exports, as well as crises in banking and real estate sectors. Read more »
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Chinese economy: Experts see growth engine cranking up soon

Chinese economy is one of the growth engines of the world and even a temporary decline will have disastrous consequences for the global economy. Read more »
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Explained: Can Chinese economy weather the current crisis

With its huge domestic market and manufacturing prowess, the Chinese economy can avert a Japan-style stagnation. Read more »
Chinese economy

Lonely at the top: Five hurdles to the rise of Chinese economy

The Chinese economy has made major strides in industrial and technological spheres, but its ascent to the top of the economic ladder is fraught with several economic and social challenges. Read more »
IPEF and the global economy

RCEP: Asia Pacific trade pact will amplify Chinese power

The agreement means the US and the EU will have little say in deciding the direction of the booming Asian economy. Read more »
Coronavirus outbreak in China to hit global economy hard.

Coronavirus outbreak may trigger $1.3 trillion losses in global GDP

Global GDP growth may be the slowest since 2009; world economy to strengthen in the second half of 2020, says forecaster Oxford Economics. Read more »