UN global road safety week

Rethinking road safety: Integrating safety measures at road level

India's road safety strategy must unlock potential of value engineering and innovative approaches to safe travel. Read more »
digital literacy

Digital literacy: From skill gaps to employment crisis

A survey exposes India's digital literacy gap and the lack of ICT skills among Indian youth to occupy future jobs. #digitalliteracy #education #employment #economy Read more »
Make in India, PLI, electronics, semiconductor industry

Semiconductor industry: India’s final frontier in technology investment

Semiconductor industry: Sticky issues may prevent India from becoming a significant player in the global semiconductor market. Read more »
ChatGPT in finance

Revolutionising finance: How ChatGPT is changing the game

Can #ChatGPT become the ultimate guide that will reshape the investment landscape, Moinak Maiti examines. Read more »
City planning, urbanisation

City planning: India must focus on sustainable urban development

City planning can boost India's GDP by ensuring equitable access to resources and improving liveability. Read more »
energy security vs net zero

Net-zero transition: Balancing energy security, sustainability

The world needs to strike a fine balance between achieving energy security and reducing carbon emissions, writes Srinath Sridharan. #climatechange #netzero #globalwarming Read more »
PLI scheme hits Chinese imports

PLI scheme footprint visible in declining Indian imports from China

A steep fall in Chinese imports is notable in #electronics items which is a focus area for the #PLI scheme, says study. Read more »

RBI raises gold reserves amid global uncertainty

India ramps up gold reserves: RBI's affinity towards gold stems from the concerns over the runaway Inflation and geopolitical uncertainties across the world. #gold #RBI #Forex #economy #Indiagold Read more »
markets vs welfare measures

Balancing markets and welfare measures key to inclusive growth

The government must ensure that #welfare measures do not lead to inefficiencies, and disincentives to work and invest, says a paper. #jandhanyojana #ayushmanbharat #mgnrega Read more »
sustainable transport for greener future

Sustainable transport: Rethinking mobility for a greener future

India must focus on redesigning roads and prioritising non-motorised vehicles for sustainable transport, safer and healthier living. #climatechange #netzero #globalroadsafetyweek Read more »