Nvidia global leader in chipmaking

Rise of Nvidia: How chipmakers are shaping the future of geopolitics

Nvidia's dominance in AI chips positions it as a central player in the emerging global competition for technological superiority. Read more »
Rise in migration from Kerala

Brain drain: Impact of changing migration patterns on Kerala economy

Outward migration from Kerala has grown significantly, with women and students leading the trend. Read more »
MSP, farmer

MSP expansion: Lifeline for farmers or a fiscal burden?

The government is expected to expand MSP benefits to pulses and oilseeds in the upcoming budget, in a bid to strengthen food security. #MSP #farmer #policy #Budget Read more »
India-UK FTA

India-UK FTA: Public health must get priority in trade talks

India-UK FTA raises concerns over public health, highlighting the need for stronger health considerations in trade talks. #IndiaUKFTA #trade #economy Read more »
ONGC, clean energy

ONGC leads India’s renewable push with Rs 2 trillion roadmap

India's largest oil producer ONGC is making a major move towards net-zero emissions with heavy investments to offset carbon and invest in renewables. #ONGC #climatechange #netzero #energy Read more »
Kerala economy

Can Kerala balance social spending and fiscal goals

While Kerala has performed well in terms of social development indicators, the state's high welfare spending may have contributed to the current fiscal crisis. #Kerala Read more »

EV policy to lure carmakers with tax breaks, but will they bite?

To boost manufacturing, the new EV policy will offer lower import duties, but lack of charging infrastructure could play spoilsport. #EV #electricvehicles Read more »

Crumbling infrastructure threatens India’s economic growth

From an airport roof collapse to bridges being washed away, India's infrastructure woes are a growing threat to its economic ambitions. #infrastructure Read more »

Funding freeze for MFIs: High time micro lenders changed their playbook

RBI policy shift tightens access to funds for smaller MFIs, pushing them towards costlier NBFCs and raising concerns about microloan affordability. #MFIs #microfinance #RBI Read more »
informal sector

India’s informal sector shows signs of life after Covid-19, DeMo hiccup

The pandemic wasn't the only blow: Policy changes like demonetisation are seen as contributing to the informal sector's stagnation. #demonetisation Read more »