Green hydrogen mission

Green hydrogen mission: Indian giants vie for pole position

India's private sector is charging ahead in the green hydrogen mission, with key players like Reliance, Adani, JSW, and L&T vying for a slice of the 5 MMT annual target by 2030.... Read more »
Climate change and heatwaves affect labour productivity

Heatwaves: Climate change’s invisible productivity killers

With a projected 100 billion lost labour hours, heatwaves triggered by climate change are a national emergency for India's working future. Read more »
covid-19 cases in india

COVID-19 resurgence in India calls for continued vigilance

While the current #COVID-19 cases are mild, waning vaccine immunity and the emergence of new variants necessitate ongoing monitoring and preventive measures. #coronavirus #WHO Read more »
India leads the world in digital public infrastructure

Digital Public Infrastructure: India’s toolbox is revolutionising global trade

#Aadhaar, #UPI, #GSTN - India's digital public infrastructure shines as G-20 adopts key global trade principles, opening doors for inclusive growth, writes Dr Ram Singh. #DPI #DPGs Read more »
India's digital rupee or e-rupee

Digital rupee: A paradigm shift in the evolution of money

India's digital rupee marks a transformation in the evolution of money from tangible forms to digital abstractions. #erupee #cryptocurrency #bitcoin Read more »
COP28 sets tone for climate action

COP28 – A crossroads in climate action amid controversy, hope

#COP28 is a critical juncture in the global response to #climatechange, with discussions around key issues like fossil fuel phase-out and climate finance shaping the future of action. #globalwarming #netzero Read more »
COP28 announcing the setting up of the Loss and Damage Fund

EXPLAINED: COP28’s Loss and Damage Fund is a step towards climate justice

The establishment of the Loss and Damage Fund at #COP28 raises crucial questions about its effectiveness in addressing the disparate impact of #climatechange. #lossanddamagefund Read more »
The 16th Finance Commission needs to address the complaints from the southern states

The 16th Finance Commission must address fiscal equity concerns

The 16th Finance Commission needs to prioritise transparency and accountability, enhance trust, and ensure effective implementation of its recommendations. #FinanceCommission #policy #economy Read more »
COP28 to focus on carbon taxes

Carbon tax, a powerful weapon against climate change

COP28 may herald a new era of carbon taxation by empowering nations to tackle climate change with economic might. Read more »
critical minerals mining

India announces its arrival in the critical minerals market

India's landmark auction of critical minerals blocks positions the country as a major player in the global strategic minerals supply chain. #criticalminerals #China #economy Read more »